August 18, 2021 – Present Future Guy Perelmuter and Forbes RE Council Don Wenner

August 18, 2021 – Present Future Guy Perelmuter and Forbes RE Council Don Wenner

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Guy Perelmuter – Founder of GRIDS Capital

Prepare for the worst and try to expect the best!

Guy Perelmuter is founder of GRIDS Capital (a deep tech venture capital firm focusing on artificial intelligence, robotics, life sciences, and technological infrastructure), whose new book PRESENT FUTURE: Business, Science, and the Deep Tech Revolution is now available in the U.S. by Fast Company Press. The Brazilian edition was awarded the Best Science Book of 2020 in the annual Jabuti Prize. In the book, he explains how technology has been shaping the world for thousands of years and how certain critical technologies are impacting society, the economy, and the environment. Guy earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, specializing in computer vision techniques using AI. He was one of the winners of the Brazil Young Scientist Award for the implementation of his solution for the production of texts in Braille using dot matrix printers, and he later went on to develop risk analysis systems for financial markets.

Don Wenner – CEO of DLP Real Estate Capital & Author of  Building an Elite Organization: The Blueprint to Scaling a High-Growth, High-Profit Business 

People in the industry told me they had 25 years of experience.
NO! You don’t have 25years of experience, you have one year
done 25 times! Because they never change.

Don Wenner is the founder and CEO of DLP Real Estate Capital, a leader in the single and multi-family real estate sectors of brokerage, investment management, asset management, property management, construction, and private lending. DLP Real Estate Capital is the parent company to DLP Capital Partners, DLP Lending, DLP Realty, DLP Real Estate Management, and Alliance Property Transfer. The company generates consistent returns and results for its investors and partners and gives back through the DLP Positive Returns Foundation, focusing on two epidemics: job growth and affordable housing. Don is highly experienced in all facets of housing and scaling high growth entrepreneurial companies through utilization of the DLP Elite Execution System (EES), for which DLP has been ranked in the Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies in the U.S. for eight consecutive years (#4 out of companies that made the list 8 straight years). Since DLP’s founding in 2006, DLP has over $1 billion in assets under management, a portfolio including more than 12,000 apartments and homes across nineteen states, 500+ real estate loans originated to active real estate investors, and has closed over 16,000 real estate transactions totaling more than $4 billion. Don studied finance and marketing at Drexel University. He, along with his wife and two young sons, reside in St. Augustine, Florida, where he is active in his local church. Don is passionate about fitness and health and reads several books each week. He enjoys many outdoor activities and discovering new places with his family.