March 11, 2014 – Public Relations Training w Mitch Leff & Draper VC Joel Yarmon

March 11, 2014 – Public Relations Training w Mitch Leff & Draper VC Joel Yarmon

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Mitch Leff – President at Leff & Associates – Highlight Here

Mitch Leff was on the show about a month ago as part of the great Small Business Administration Public Relations training event, sponsored out of the Atlanta SBA office, under the direction of Mark Gibson. Mitch Leff & Associates is a full service PR firm, with a specialty in strategic counsel, program development, media relations and media training. We spend a lot of this interview talking about media training, how important it is, and how you can go about it. Mitch has a great story about a firm the only got half the training they needed!  They also can help with special events, crisis communications and public affairs. His clients have appeared in the USA Today, CNN, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Atlanta Business Chronicle, the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News, the Associated Press and many more.



Joel Yarmon – Venture Capitalist at Draper Associates – Highlight Here

Joel Yarmon works as a Venture Capitalist at one of the every most prestigious firms, Draper Associates. Prior to joining Draper, he served as Technology Director for the United States Senate Commerce Committee, helping Senators craft technology legislation.  Joel was co-founder of an IT consulting startup called Iceware Technologies which specialized in wireless app infrastructure. Coolly, Joel was Captain of his college’s NCAA ski racing team, attended the United States Naval War College, and enjoys flying. See a great video of him below….