January 16, 2017 – Podcast Guest Guru Jessica Rhodes & Sweetflexx McCullough Shriver

January 16, 2017 – Podcast Guest Guru Jessica Rhodes & Sweetflexx McCullough Shriver

Pull the Blue Ball below to 5:56 to hear Jessica and to 31:33 to hear McCullough (PC only)

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Jessica Rhodes – Founder of Interview Connections – The Premier Guest Booking Agency for Podcasters and Guest Experts

Jessica Rhodes is the founder and CEO of Interview Connections, the premier source for booking outstanding podcast guests. The Interview Connections team of Booking Agents works with podcasters to find and book guests for their shows. They also represent dozens of highly qualified guest experts to connect them with podcast hosts for interviews. Jessica is the host of the hit weekly web TV show, Interview Connections TV, she’s the host of the Rhodes to Success and she is the co-host of The Podcast Producers, a ten episode audio series about the art and business of podcasting. Jessica is the author of Podcast Interviews – 5 Proven Strategies to Help You Use the Power of Guest Interviews in Your Podcast, available on Amazon Kindle and at InterviewConnections.com. Jessica is a regular speaker at Dream Biz Academy and has shared the stage of dozens of top podcasters at Podcast Movement and Podcast New England.

Jessica RhodesJessica Rhodes

McCullough Shriver – Founder of Sweetflexx where you “Wear Your Gym”

McCullough Shriver has a passion to create and innovate to make our lives better and more productive. As technology has entered this world at an alarming rate, our free time to enjoy family or take care of our health has exited just as quickly. With our “time” diminishing, he created Sweetflexx, everyday activewear intended to make you healthier, one step at a time. Sweetflexx is a young, revolutionary company designed to better one’s health by sewing resistance bands into our activewear line. As our lives become busier, we must find solutions to continue being healthy, while also finding time to enjoy the things that matter most. As the founder, McCullough built this company from a drawing in his notebook.

McCullough ShriverMcCullough Shriver


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