July 20, 2015 – Buy/Sell a Business Peter Ireland & Data Saving Lives Tracy Ingram

July 20, 2015 – Buy/Sell a Business Peter Ireland & Data Saving Lives Tracy Ingram

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Peter Ireland – Buy and Sell Your Business Expert and Founder of AntiVentureCapital and TycoonPlaybook

Peter Ireland has held executive positions with a number of corporations, both private and publicly-held. In 1988, he became a partner in Ashton Montana & Company, a management consultancy providing financial and marketing services to technology companies. Afterwards, Peter served for over three years as CEO of Leisuretech Corp., a publicly-traded company. He spent another four years managing CalWest, an innovative venture fund geared towards start-up companies. During the late 1990s, he was involved with a number of Seattle-based online companies, including CBeX which became the premiere source for mergers & acquisitions. In addition to his own entrepreneurial forays, Peter has assisted numerous technology companies in selling themselves to investors, acquirers, and the public via IPO. He has appeared numerous times on television, radio, and in print media to discuss various topics relating to entrepreneurship and creative financing for startups. He has been mentioned in the Wall Street Journal, CNN Money, and other publications.

Tracy Ingram – Saving Lives through FDA approved wearables at BioscanR

Tracy Ingram has over 10 years experience in Bioinformatics (personal health monitors) and has imported technology from all over the world, specializing in data acquisition and pattern recognition from microdata. As former Director of Research for a military operation, he works on developing adaptive technologies. As a TEDx speaker and cofounder of Healthcamp Florida, an organization focused on identifying breakthrough medical technologies, he has become a leading expert in Bio- entrepreneurship. His newest venture, BioscanR, is a personal health monitoring system that extends the reach of doctors by providing a early warning to potentially critical health issues. The target market is the chronic disease populations and other medically challenged patients who need continuous health monitoring on a temporary basis. BioscanR combines existing FDA approved wearable sensors and software algorithms that monitor trends in vitals during everyday life. BioScanR helps doctors offer preventative healthcare rather than reactive healthcare, which will ultimately save lives and billions of dollars in reactive healthcare treatments.
Tracy IngramTracy IngramTracy Ingram

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