November 14, 2019 – Pegasus Tech Ventures Anis Uzzaman and Graced By Grit Kimberly Caccavo

November 14, 2019 – Pegasus Tech Ventures Anis Uzzaman and Graced By Grit Kimberly Caccavo

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Anis Uzzaman, Ph.D. – Founder and General Partner of Pegasus Tech Ventures

I am bullish about service based companies who are dreaming of becoming profitable with a growth in their volume. 

Anis Uzzaman, Ph.D. is the Founder and General Partner of Pegasus Tech Ventures.  Located in Silicon Valley, Pegasus Tech Ventures provides early stage and final round funding. With several multi-million dollar funds under management, Pegasus Tech Ventures focuses its investment in IT, Health IT, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Robotics, Big Data, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, FinTech and Next Generation Technologies. Anis is a serial entrepreneur in the retail and technological sectors, where he provides mentorship in fundraising, operations and exit strategy to entrepreneurs. Anis has invested in over 160 startups in the United States, Japan and South East Asia. Some of the prominent USA startups in the Pegasus Tech Ventures portfolio include Vicarious, Color Genomics, Genius, Affectiva, Afero,, and ShareThis. Anis is an investor and board member of Tech in Asia, the largest tech media blog in Southeast Asia. Anis also sits on the board of directors of Affectiva, Lark, Sano, Asteria, and I AND C-Cruise.  Anis is an honored guest speaker in international conferences, workshops and seminars, has published more than 30 technical papers, and is the author of the “Startup Bible – The Silicon Valley Way of Developing Success.”

Kimberly Caccavo – Co-Founder of GracedByGrit and Co-Author of Graced By Grit: The Entrepreneurial Woman’s Guide To Starting A Business With Power, Passion & Purpose

What happens to so many women trying to starting a business is that they lose their courage or they think that the tough, gritty thing in their life will hinder their ability. We have examples of incredible women that have gotten through unimaginable gritty moments.

Kimberly Caccavo’s first book is an inspirational guide for female entrepreneurs. She wrote this book with Kate Nowlan, her friend and GracedByGrit co-founder. Kimberly ran a telephone directory business, helped privatize a Latin American phone company, started a cable company, worked in Hollywood and had her own consultancy helping people start businesses. Kimberly and her business partner Kate were inspired to start GracedByGrit while training for a triathlon. They realized there was a lack of high-performance athletic apparel for 30-60 year old women that made them feel safe, look great and protect them from the sun. They started in 2013 and sold the company to Hylete in 2018.