August 12, 2020 – Patientory Chrissa McFarlane and Whatever Works Thalma E. Lobel

August 12, 2020 – Patientory Chrissa McFarlane and Whatever Works Thalma E. Lobel

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Chrissa McFarlane – Founder/CEO of Patientory, Inc. and Author of Future Women

Less than 1% of venture capital dollars went into minority
women owned businesses. That is a problem! 

Chrissa McFarlane is the CEO of Patientory, a global currency and population health management service that regulates and secures patient data. Named as one of the top women leaving their mark on the medtech field by Becker’s Hospital Review, Chrissa launched Patientory in December 2015 after seeing the need in the market for a more personalized and secure population health management solution. Named as a Finalist for the Medtech Insight Award for Entrepreneur of the Year 2018, under McFarlane’s leadership, Patientory Inc. has received accolades including Top 5 digital health solution in the world for empowering patients, alongside multi-million dollar revenue companies; and it is named a 2018 Globe Award Winner in International Trade by the U.S. State of Georgia. Charissa holds notable international published research in healthcare, and has helped create breakthrough digital health companies that have provided services to companies such as Tumblr, Blue Apron, Casper and Meetup. As part of her initiative to empower and create a new story for minority women, McFarlane has brought her firsthand experiences to her debut book, Future Women: Minority Female Entrepreneurship and the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the Era of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

Thalma Lobel – Psychology Professor at Tel Aviv University and Author of Whatever Works

The way you are dressed influences the way you behave.
Wear pants on video calls when you want to be professional! 

Thalma E. Lobel is an internationally recognized psychologist and expert on human behavior. A former chair at the School of Psychological Sciences at Tel Aviv University and director of the Adler Center for Child Development and Psychotherapy, she has been a visiting professor at Harvard University and a visiting scholar at Tufts University, the University of California at San Diego, and New York University. Her work has been published in prestigious journals including the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology and Evolution and Human Behavior. Lobel lectures around the world to employees and executives of various companies such as Hi -Tech companies and banks, and to the general public. Her previous book, Sensation: The New Science of Physical Intelligence, was published in 15 countries. Her new book is Whatever Works: The Small Cues That Make a Surprising Difference in Our Success at Work—and How to Create a Happier Office, where Lobel shows readers how overlooked factors in their work days, including physical environments, unconscious habits, and even traits like their faces and voices, have the power to make or break their careers.