November 29, 2016 – Owner of 1300 Homes Mitch Stephen, Bar Works’ Franklin Kinard & Justice Restored Howell Woltz

November 29, 2016 – Owner of 1300 Homes Mitch Stephen, Bar Works’ Franklin Kinard & Justice Restored Howell Woltz

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Mitch Stephen – Investor, Educator, Inventor, Songwriter, and Author of My Life & 1000 Houses: The Art of Owner Financing

Mitch Stephen has been investing in various forms of real estate since his early 20s. He began investing full-time in March of 1996 and has been self-employed ever since. He offers to teach students “The Art of Owner Financing” and how to become financially independent. His mentoring program has been around since 2011 and he had many successful students. The goal is to teach his students how to get paid to create cash flow from real estate. He also offers a more passive income opportunity for private individuals interested in taking control of their own financial future. For years he had helped private individuals self-direct their IRA and 401K retirement funds. He showed average people how they can loan their money (in a First Lien Position) and earn better rates of return on their money…all backed by valuable real estate. Just so you don’t get confused, he is active in several different areas; he buys houses, he sells houses, he borrows money, he loans money, he gives seminars, he offers mentoring programs, he owns storage facilities, he has written three books, and he likes writing songs as his hobby.
Mitch StephenMitch Stephen

Franklin Kinard – Managing Director of Bar Works Coworking Space  

Franklin is the Managing Director for Bar Works, a new coworking space that is opening locations all across NYC and now in San Francisco. You can work at the bar, hold meetings in the bar or, grab an office, work in the upstairs space– the choice is yours. The bar environment is an invigorating one to work in as an energizing environment is rare to find in a coworking space. Memberships are more affordable then other competitors.
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Howell Woltz – Public Speaker and Author of Justice Restored 

Early in the morning on April 18, 2006, with two children alone and asleep, Howell Woltz and his wife were kidnapped at their home by the FBI. Little did Howell know, he would spend the next seven years of his life in prison. He never saw an arrest warrant and was never convicted by any court of jurisdiction. In attempting to force him to give false testimony against former clients, he was put on “diesel therapy,” and shuttled 29 times between prisons in North Carolina, Georgia, Oklahoma, Virginia and West Virginia. Since his release, Howell has been fighting for reform of the American justice system. In his new book “Justice Restored: 10 Steps to End Mass Incarceration in America,” Howell proposes a multi-part plan for change.
Howell WoltzHowell Woltz

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