August 31, 2021 – Oats Overnight Brian Tate and My Divorce Solution Catherine Shanahan

August 31, 2021 – Oats Overnight Brian Tate and My Divorce Solution Catherine Shanahan

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Brian Tate – Founder & CEO at Oats Overnight

It’s very easy to assume that your first consumers are
going to be like you, but it’s important to let data
tell you that story. 

Brian Tate is founder and CEO of Oats Overnight.  Oats Overnight is a D2C CPG taking on oatmeal industry heavyweights, Quaker Oats and Bob’s Red Mill, with the first-ever spoon-free, high-protein oats formula. As OO takes on the breakfast food giants and stands out amongst other CPG startups, Oats Overnight’s vertical integration gives them complete control of each stage of the supply chain, building trust with their customers. Many of Brian’s peers in the CPG industry have gone the route of co-packers to focus on the growth of the business without draining resources on manufacturing. In the early days of Oats Overnight, the small team chose to handle all aspects of the product creation and fulfillment in-house, which was more of a scrappy decision than a conscious one. But this decision has saved them from sending out “bad batches” to customers countless times. One time, the team received their shipment of raw oats from their supplier (a historical, reputable oats brand) and mixed in with the oats were pieces of rubber! Five years and hundreds of thousands of spoon-free meals later, Oats Overnight remains committed to their vertical integration.

Catherine Shanahan – Co-Founder at My Divorce Solution 

The most costly part of a divorce is the discovery process. You
have 2 attorneys gathering the same information. We said, ‘Let’s
stop that process. Let’s work with one party to gather the information
that they each have to disclose anyway.’

Catherine Shanahan became a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and trained mediator after 25 years in the financial industry and her own life experience with divorce. She and co-founder Karen Chellew created My Divorce Solution to create a space for couples experiencing divorce to be heard and have their financial portraits explained to them in order to start moving forward with a plan. She was a member of the Bucks County Collaborative Law Group, Administrative Active Daily Money Management (AADMM), the Institute for Divorce Financial Analyst (IDFAtm), and the Association of Divorce Financial Planners (ADFP).