August 30, 2021 – Amazon Posts Ian Bower and Self Respect Erica Mather

August 30, 2021 – Amazon Posts Ian Bower and Self Respect Erica Mather

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Ian Bower – Owner of Graphic Rhythm

Having already started multiple businesses,
you can’t stop seeing opportunities!

Ian Bower is the owner of Graphic Rhythm as well as other businesses that revolve around design, copywriting and Amazon marketplace selling. Ian is revolutionizing the way businesses obtain graphic design services by allowing them to obtain high-quality, on demand design assets without the hassle of hiring individual freelancers. His creative approach to providing design services puts him on the forefront of the graphic design industry. Ian is an expert in communicating persuasively and loves helping business owners and digital agencies breathe life into their projects and ideas. He values generosity and attention to detail and strives to make sure these values are apparent in the services he provides and the businesses he owns. When Ian isn’t working, you can find him outside hiking, camping and spending time with his wife and children.

Erica Mather – Author of Your Body, Your Best Friend: End the Confidence-Crushing Pursuit of Unrealistic Beauty Standards and Embrace Your True Power

Being the leader of a company, or being a leader of a team,
does require a certain confidence.

Erica Mather is a lifelong teacher who has struggled with emotional overeating, compulsive over-exercising, and body dysmorphic disorder. As an embodiment educator, she guides people to feel better in, and about, their bodies. Her Adore Your Body Transformational Programs help overcome body image challenges, and The Yoga Clinic of New York City helps students, teachers, and health professionals to learn about empowered self-care for the body. Mather is a recognized body image expert, a Forrest Yoga lineage-holder, and was also named one of the next generation’s important yoga teachers by Yoga Journal. She writes for mindbodygreen on the topic of body image challenges, is a regular columnist for Rivertown Magazine, and is a popular repeat interview on the SoulFeed Podcast, Hay House Radio’s Angel Club, and many more. She lives in New York City, NY.