September 28, 2023 – Nutrition Entrepreneur Dr. Michael Garko and 14k to 140k Monthly Chuck Leblo

September 28, 2023 – Nutrition Entrepreneur Dr. Michael Garko and 14k to 140k Monthly Chuck Leblo

Dr. Michael Garko – President & CEO of NutraLogic Health & Wellness

Dr. Michael Garko

Dr. Michael Garko is the President & CEO of NutraLogic Health & Wellness. Dr. Garko is a results-proven professional possessing a multifaceted skill-set with advanced skills and expertise in human nutrition, communication, social influence/persuasion, consumer behavior, marketing, media and mass communication, teaching/education, scientific research, retail sales, and management. Dr. Garko’s nutrition practice, NutriLogic Health & Wellness, is science- and evidenced-based focusing on nutrition care and counseling. For over 15 years Dr. Garko hosted and produced Let’s Talk Nutrition, a nationally syndicated, globally streamed health talk show. During the course of his career, he has also worked as a communication professor, corporate communication consultant, and trial and jury consultant, along with working as a nutrition and media/marketing consultant for leading dietary supplement companies. He introduces Strauss Naturals to us. They are a hugely successful Canadian company that recently grew into the U.S. Strauss Naturals is sponsoring School for Startups Radio! Thank you!

Chuck Leblo – CEO & Chief Strategist of Interact One

Chuck Leblo

Chuck Leblo has served as the CEO and Chief Strategist at Interact One for over 17 years. His journey in business and as an entrepreneur began during his time in the US Army Signal Corps. After the army, he eventually worked his way up the corporate ladder to Vice President at various Telecom companies, and then decided to take his experience and start his own company. Interact One has become a trusted source for expert insights and resources in the realm of strategy and problem-solving. In a world where the business landscape can be challenging, Chuck and his team dive deep into the intricacies of each challenge, turning them from roadblocks into pathways. They specialize in enhancing digital presence, refining operational procedures, and delivering strategic insights that produce tangible, positive outcomes. Beyond his professional pursuits, Chuck is a devoted husband, a loving father (and grandfather), a veteran, and a horse lover. He is not your typical polished strategist; rather, he brings a unique blend of authenticity and expertise to the table. When faced with challenges, Chuck is not one to back down; he’s a natural problem solver, always committed to finding effective solutions. His unconventional approach to strategy sets him apart, making him a fresh and insightful voice in the world of business. He is your go-to strategist, ready to share his wealth of knowledge, his unique perspective, and his unwavering commitment to solving the most complex of problems with your audience. Turning Roadblocks into Pathways: Insights for guiding business owners to achieve optimal success,” Chuck Leblo shares his remarkable journey and expertise. He highlights a transformative success story where his solutions catapulted a client’s monthly earnings from 14k to an impressive 140k in under a year. Chuck offers a valuable guide to problem-solving, emphasizing the importance of addressing issues before they escalate, using the analogy that if your bucket has a hole, it’s crucial to stop filling it and fix the holes. Chuck also reflects on his personal journey as a veteran, crediting his military service for everything he has in life. He advocates for authenticity in business, recounting why he believes he should have never traded in his cowboy boots for a 3-piece suit. Chuck shares his inspiring resilience, detailing how his business bounced back stronger than ever after facing adversity during the pandemic. He poses the critical question of how to help business owners solve their true problems, even when they may already identify their pain points. Finally, Chuck offers insights into turning one’s passion into a thriving business, providing valuable advice for entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts alike.