June 17, 2021 – Niche Marketing Chris Pistoris and Moonshot Collective Perry Gladstone & People For Bikes Ravi Rajcoomar

June 17, 2021 – Niche Marketing Chris Pistoris and Moonshot Collective Perry Gladstone & People For Bikes Ravi Rajcoomar

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Chris Pistoris – CEO & Founder of KickStart Dental Marketing

One strategy I have seen that really works: take a client and promote
them and their business and why they are different. It drives so many people that I can’t explain it. 

Chris Pistorius is the Founder of KickStart Dental Marketing. He has worked with countless dentists and orthodontists across multiple facets of marketing, consulting, and coaching. Chris shares valuable tips and insights on marketing strategies. Chris Pistoris Chris has spent the last 15 years in helping dental practices gain new patients from the Internet. He has worked for some of the most influential local marketing companies in the world like AOL Time Warner, SpotRunner, Dex Media, and MapQuest. Chris resides in the Denver area, with his wife Michele, his two children Kaitlyn & Brody, and their dogs Gracie, Bella & Wrigley. He is the author of the book The Ultimate Guide To Internet Marketing For Dentists: All You Need To Know To Effectively Market Your Dental Practice Online.

Perry Gladstone – Founding Partner of Moonshot Collective

The more successful you get, the more isolated you become. It
becomes harder and harder to ask for help. we started looking
for ways to get feedback and peer mentorship and access to
experience that goes beyond what we have as individuals. 

Perry Gladstone is a visionary advisor with a boatload of experience and success who takes Big-Shots to their next level. As an international Speaker, Advisor, Coach, and Mentor, Perry has guided business leaders, rock stars, innovators, international aid, and developing countries around the world. A natural storyteller, his talks and presentations are chock-full of inspiring and entertaining anecdotes that demystify the secrets to success, creating opportunity, and breaking through barriers to create the work, life, and legacy we most desire. Before formalizing his advising career, Perry founded ten influential companies in the action sports, entertainment and media industries. He is the author of the critically acclaimed, FAST & HOT; How To Open Hearts, Win Minds and Create a Better Life in Business, co-founder of the SOMOS Foundation of Costa Rica, and a celebrated recording artist under the name Prince Perry. Equally at home on stage, in the air or on the water, Perry is an avid surfer, paraglider, musician, and former record holder in the sport of freediving. When not surfing, flying or serving his community you can find him on the beach thinking about what makes good things better.

Ravi Rajcoomar – VP of PeopleForBikes

What is your Moment of Glory? What do you want to be known
for? What is the greatest achievement of your life? We call that
the MOG. Then, what is your moonshot?

Ravi is a Heromaker and he loves bikes. His life’s work is to work with individuals and organizations to create their MoG – Moment of Glory and lasting legacy. He is a recognized leader in the brand strategy, experiential event, content, athlete, and product marketing space. He has produced award-winning sports marketing events and broadcasts on six continents for nearly every major action and adventure sport, from Red Bull’s live broadcast properties to the X Games and both the Summer and Winter Olympics. His experience
has helped lead some of the world’s best brands to deeper engagement with their audience and clients including Red Bull, IOC/USOC, BMC Software, Polaris, Specialized, CAA, USA Cycling, Toshiba, Seagate, Zipp, Niner, IMG, Interbike, Cannondale, Octagon, ISL, Clif Bar, WME and ESPN. PeopleForBikes, the nation’s leading bicycle industry trade association, is proud to announce the addition of Ravi Rajcoomar as the vice president of the organization’s Business Network. In his new role, Rajcoomar will serve on PeopleForBikes’ senior leadership team and guide the organization in creating an environment where bicycling and the bike business thrive.