April 20, 2021 – We Are Privileged Anthony Brinkley and Need Clients Now Elias Zepeda

April 20, 2021 – We Are Privileged Anthony Brinkley and Need Clients Now Elias Zepeda

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Anthony Brinkley – President at On the Brink Affirmation Services

Many people are born uniquely crafted and die as a fake copy. Figure out what makes you intrinsically happy and helps someone outside yourself. Pursue that with dogged tenacity. 

Anthony Brinkley is an established leadership expert, author, resilience training coach, and change agent. He is the CEO of On the Brink Consulting, a leadership development firm providing expert resilience training, motivational speaking, and team building to the military, government, large corporations, private groups, as well as not-for-profit entities. Prior to starting his firm, he was the Command Chief Master Sergeant for the 11th Wing of Joint Base Andrews in Maryland. He served as the principal advisor to the commander on all enlisted issues and was responsible for all personnel, logistics, and workforce development matters. During his military career, Anthony Brinkley obtained Chief Master Sergeant distinction, a leadership position achieved by only 1% of the enlisted Air Force. He has provided oversight for $3 Billion worth of aviation assets. Anthony has led a contingent of aviators, maintenance personnel, and support troops during Operation DESERT FOX. His unit flew 204 combat missions with 100% mission effectiveness. He has managed over 130,000 people in over 14 bases across the world, including Korea, Turkey, and the Philippines. With over 28 years of military experience, with a significant portion in leadership roles, Anthony Brinkley is sought after by organizations to lead them through “change that guarantees the right results.” His expertise spans all levels of organizational development including facilities infrastructure, human resource development, logistical analysis, enterprise deployment, national security strategies, IT program management, budget management, airlift training/security of sta, and radar site development for missile deployment. He holds several critical certifications, including Myers Briggs and Six Sigma. Anthony has also dedicated countless hours to helping those most disenfranchised. His assistance ranges from counseling local young men on the challenges of life, to organizing clothing drives for orphans living in other countries. Anthony provides executive coaching for people across all spectrums of society and industry. For his tremendous dedication to the Tampa FL local community, Anthony is the recipient of the 2003 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Humanitarian Award. In his distinguished career, Anthony has the distinct honor of providing military support for President Barack H. Obama, Vice President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. and former Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice. He is the author of his autobiography, You Can’t Run Away From You: A Young Man’s Journey to Himself.

Elias Zepeda – CEO of Need Clients Now  

You need to have different types of ads. Essentially, they need to compete against each other. You need different creatives that you are testing. 

Elias Zepeda is the founder and CEO of Need Clients Now, a national marketing agency specializing in customer acquisition. Throughout the years, Elias and his team have been helping businesses small and large scale their revenue by building high-converting sales funnels for their businesses in various industries including tech, beauty, and service based businesses. Former board member for various organizations including the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce and Alliance of Multicultural entrepreneurs and others.