April 21, 2021 – Gig Wage Craig Lewis, Cheaper Healthcare Angel Cellucci and Call for Code Ruth Davis

April 21, 2021 – Gig Wage Craig Lewis, Cheaper Healthcare Angel Cellucci and Call for Code Ruth Davis

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Craig Lewis – Founder & CEO of Gig Wage – Gig Economy Expert

I think it is going to be important that they understand people and
how they want to work.

Craig J. Lewis is the Founder and CEO of Gig Wage, a venture capital backed technology startup that’s raised millions to build modern payment tools for the future of work. In an industry where forward thinking is a rarity, Craig’s vision for innovation has pushed an antiquated industry to modernize by designing a service that meets the demand of on-demand workforces. “Simple. Fast. Easy.” From there he would go on to become a Professional Basketball player across Europe, until returning state side and becoming an expert in payroll technology, selling over $10 million in payroll-related software for the likes of ADP and others. Prior to building Gig Wage, in 2012, Craig became the Chief Strategy Officer of Kairos, a venture-backed facial recognition/emotion detection startup that has received much success, such as being named one of the “Top 20 Startups” by The Wall Street Journal, being selected to participate in the first ever Morgan Stanley Multicultural Innovation Lab, and reaching a $130M valuation. Always relentless and unyielding, he transitioned his experience raising money in Silicon Valley to founding Gig Wage in Dallas, TX. Gig Wage, a tech industry leader, is designed to meet the demands of the future workforce and well positioned to scale. In 2018, Steve Case (Founder of AOL) and his Revolution ROTR Venture Fund invested in Gig Wage to help power the future of work.

As a black tech entrepreneur with significant business and growth results throughout his career, he understands the importance of work ethic, teamwork, and the sacrifices required to accomplish the impossible. Embodying the motto, “go for it,” has been the creed that has propelled him. Notable accomplishments: authoring “The Sport of the Sales”; being a contributor to Forbes, The American Payroll Association, PayTech Magazine and Thomson Reuters; sitting on the boards of Visit Dallas, the Friends of Fair Park, and Marketplace Risk; and being a Founding Member of Forbes’ Dallas Business Council. As an evangelist of technology and its capacity for wealth creation, and therefore its ability to improve lives, Craig’s ultimate mission is to help millions of businesses and everyday people in the gig economy by providing innovative software, unique business models, and a path to financial success.

Angel Cellucci – CEO of Overbrook Consultants, LLC

The health care system is
banking on the fact that people don’t
know how to read their medical bills. 

Angel Cellucci who is a Speaker/Teacher/Guide/Friend. Angel wants to empower your audience to become better consumers of healthcare by inspiring transformational thinking. So that they can keep their hard earned money where it belongs, in their pocket. She provides the knowledge and tools they need, to ensure they are receiving necessary healthcare and prices. As an entrepreneur you want to be advocating for yourself as well as your company. Angel has dedicated the last five years of her career to work with insurance carriers to detect and ferret out over $33 million dollars of fraud and abuse.  She now wants to share her knowledge and her proprietary framework with you … so that you can be organized, save money, and be in control of your medical expenditures.  Why?  “Because your health begins and ends with YOU!”  

Ruth Davis – Director of Call for Code at IBM

This year, the IBM ‘Call for Code’ Global
Challenge is focused on climate change.

Ruth O. Davis is the director of IBM’s Call for Code initiative that invites developers and problem solvers around the world to build solutions that fight back against the most pressing issues of our time. Ruth, who started as a Systems Engineer at IBM after earning a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Temple University at age 18, brings over three decades of progressive experience and recognition for success in technology consulting, sales leadership and marketing program management. Ruth is extremely passionate about education and believes it is the great equalizer. Ruth created a Summit Speaker Bureau at IBM leveraging her team’s talent to present AI, Blockchain, Cloud, Cybersecurity and other technology topics to high school students. Her team also created a STEM@IBM program for elementary school students. Ruth also enjoys lending her skills in support of IBM’s Diversity and Inclusion efforts, working in leadership roles for the Women’s Executive Council and Black Executive Council. In addition to leading agile teams to create and implement innovative D&I initiatives globally, Ruth conducted the first Black summer intern program at IBM focused on soft skill development, developed and piloted a corporate readiness program at Morehouse College for HBCU students, and developed the first targeted, global poll to identify actionable items to progress and retain women. Ruth strives to transform lives in underserved communities. As an engaged board member of the InspireEDU non-profit, she focuses on bridging the digital divide and currently serves as the Education Council chair.