May 19, 2014 – Zombies w Carrie Burns, Print Ads w Bernie Evans & Wells Fargo’s Sean Mabey

May 19, 2014 – Zombies w Carrie Burns, Print Ads w Bernie Evans & Wells Fargo’s Sean Mabey

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Carrie Burns – Owner of Atlanta Movie Tours – Highlight Here

Carrie Burns started a great company that capitalizes on movies and TV shows being made in Georgia and around Atlanta. Georgia set up tax laws that greatly encourage movie production here. It is a good example of how tax policy can help or hurt business. Movie production has exploded in the area. Carrie is capitalizing on it with tours to some of the areas’ hot sets, like The Hunger Games, The Walking Dead and some old classics like Driving Miss Daisy and Gone with the Wind.
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Bernie EvansBernie Evans – CEO at Red Rhino Market Group – Highlight Here

Bernie Evans is the CEO of Red Rhino Market Group. Red Rhino is a full service marketing and advertising agency that focuses on B2C sales, and interestingly they still focus largely on print. Bernie has some great insights into ads and why print is still a great marketing source for lots of businesses. Bernie tries to know his client’s businesses from their perspective and builds campaigns tailored around their specific needs. They offer great value by using some of the most advanced tracking and analyzing resources in the country. Most importantly, the Red Rhino site has tons of free info to help you find info about good ads sources and techniques.  A great site!


Sean Mabey – Director of Small Business Strategy and Senior Vice President at Wells Fargo Bank  

Sean Mabey is one of our favorite guests, as this is his 7th or 8th time on the show! He is the Director of Small Business Strategy with Wells Fargo and says that he is ‘always thinking about small business.’ Today we talk about some new small business data from Gallup Polling. The data is very interesting and shows some big trends in small business. Its a must listen!
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