May 16, 2014 – God Is CEO w Larry Julian & Near Sourcing w Mark Molinari

May 16, 2014 – God Is CEO w Larry Julian & Near Sourcing w Mark Molinari

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Larry Julian – Speaker & Coach and Author of God is My CEO: Following God’s Principles in a Bottom-Line World – Highlight Here

Larry Julian specializes in leadership development and strategic planning while integrating work and faith.He is the author of the nationally acclaimed and best-selling business books God is My CEOGod is My Success, and God is My Coach. The guides help leaders handle critical business decisions using faith as a basis. This is a great opportunity to discuss the relationship between entrepreneurship and faith.

Mark Molinari – Co-Founder at 4th Source  – Highlight Here

Mark Molinari is the co-Chairman of the Board of Directors and co-Founder at 4th Source. 4th Source uses delivery centers across Mexico and now here in the U.S.  Mark is involved in strategy and innovation. He was vice president at Pegasystems and at Oracle Corporation prior to starting 4th Source. He shares the great benefits of getting technical and website work done close to a companies home market.


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