October 29, 2018 – Money from Blogging Joseph Hogue and Personal Branding Phoebe Mroczek

October 29, 2018 – Money from Blogging Joseph Hogue and Personal Branding Phoebe Mroczek

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Joseph Hogue – Financial Analyst and Making Money from Home Blogger 

Joseph Hogue is a Financial analyst, blogger, freelancer. He started working freelance part-time in 2011 and has built it into a full-time work from home career. He loves the freedom and the control he has over his own financial future. After working as an investment analyst for nearly a decade, he started his two blogs in 2014 and another four in 2016. Each blog lets him share one of my passions in personal finance, investing, making money and crowdfunding. As of September 2016, the blogs get over 50,000 visitors a month and generate over $3,000 on top of his freelancing income.  After years of being a freelancer, he started his own websites in 2014 and has grown them to an income of $6,500 and 170,000 visitors. The new YouTube property, Let’s Talk Money, has over 16K subscribers in the first year. He loves helping other online entrepreneurs get started and understand the world of SEO, brand building and the different sources of income available. He appeared on Bloomberg as an expert in emerging market investing and have led a team of equity analysts for sell-side research (stock investing research). He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, the gold standard for ethical and professional conduct in investment management, as well as a Masters in Business and dual degrees in finance and communications.
Joseph Hogue

Phoebe Mroczek – Host of The Unbecoming Podcast, Coach and Speaker

Phoebe Mroczek helps entrepreneurs master their mindset around execution, and create more ease, impact, and adventure in their lifes. Her specialties include Marketing, Launch strategies, Community Building, and List Building. She always knew she was different. At five years old, she jumped into entrepreneurship with a stationary stand and by age ten, she started her first real business: making and selling scrunchies to other girls on the playground. She never wanted to be like everyone else, so she continued to push to the limits in all areas.
Phoebe MroczekPhoebe Mroczek