March 23, 2015 – 500th Show! AhaAmplifier Mitchell Levy & Negotiating SuperGuru Stuart Diamond

March 23, 2015 – 500th Show! AhaAmplifier Mitchell Levy & Negotiating SuperGuru Stuart Diamond

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Mitchell Levy – Thought Leader Architect and Founder of 

Mitchell Levy is the first Thought Leader Architect in the world! His new THiNKaha turns corporate experts into thought leaders by helping leverage their social media activities to reach their audience and increase their business. His services include book publishing (over 400 books) and he created The Aha Amplifier to help you become the thought leadership you want to be. Most of your social media should be aggregated and curated content. The Aha Amplifier has tons of curated Ahas, content that you can share on social media. Its great tool to help your business grow its social media reach. Ever wonder where to get all the content you need? Mitchell solved he problem!
Mitchell LevyMitchell LevyMitchell Levy

Stuart Diamond – Negotiations Professor at The Wharton Business School and Author the Million Copy Selling Getting More: How You Can Negotiate to Succeed in Work and Life

Professor Stuart Diamond has taught the most popular class at Wharton for twenty years and his book on negotiating has sold over a million copies! He has a J.D. from Harvard and a M.B.A. from Wharton, and he won the Pulitzer Prize while working at the New York Times! The Wall Street Journal called the book the “#1 book to read for your career.” He has taught negotiations to half of the Global 100 companies, and has worked in over forty countries. This is one of the best interviews we can remember in a long time. It’s a must listen for sure and hopefully will make this 500th show all that more special!
Stuart DiamondStuart DiamondStuart Diamond

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