March 20, 2015 – Show #499! Customer Retention Jay Bean & Video Selling w Doug Lehman

March 20, 2015 – Show #499! Customer Retention Jay Bean & Video Selling w Doug Lehman

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Jay Bean – CEO at FreshLime

Jay Bean is founder and CEO of FreshLime, a customer retention and engagement engine. Jay has a passion for helping SMBs, and for solving marketplace pain points with forward-thinking engines. He was the founder of in 1999. It was one of the early leading companies in the Pay-Per-Click advertising space and it was acquired by Marchex in February 2003. Jay next started a local online marketing company called in 2007. He grew it until selling it to Deluxe Corp in early 2012. Jay left his position as Chief Strategy Officer at Deluxe in June 2014 to become the Chief Executive Officer for FreshLime. In 2009, he was named an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist.
Jay BeanJay BeanJay Bean

Doug Lehman – Social Selling Advocate Using Video & Social Media to generate results ambassador of Sales Training Visual Marketing

Doug Lehman has a diversified background in sales and marketing, having worked with IBM, Sun Microsystems, The Coca-Cola Company, SkyTel, and Cisco. In 2010, Doug developed Lehman’s Terms of Business, a video blog website that offers video promotion and production services.  He hosts an online video training series called Social Selling TV and is part of the business book insider program for McGraw-Hill Publishing.  In June of 2014, Doug was selected by “Top Sales Word” for excellence in producing sales training videos. He specializes in sales training videos, client testimonials and video spotlight interviews for Authors, Speakers, and Entrepreneurs, showing them how to use video in their marketing.
Doug LehmanDoug LehmanDoug Lehman

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