May 4, 2018 – New School Jabez LeBret, Rx for Success Maria LeCuyer and Middle Market Tom Stewart

May 4, 2018 – New School Jabez LeBret, Rx for Success Maria LeCuyer and Middle Market Tom Stewart

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Jabez LeBret –  Co-Founder of Sisu Academy Free Boarding High School and Contributor Forbes

Jabez Lebret is the Co-Founder of Sisu Academy Free Boarding High School. He is embarking on a mission to change the lives of local high school students by opening the first tuition-free boarding high school in California. He is a co-founder of two companies in the legal profession, a highly sought-after speaker who has presented to companies including Subway, Microsoft, Amazon, and he is a contributor to Forbes. Sisu Academy is embedded with an incubator fueled by entrepreneurs and seed capital creating an immersive learning environment that funds all operational costs. They are a 501(c)(3) non-profit for the public good. High-altitude low-achieving students often lack the resources and support to become tomorrow’s leaders in our country. The skills gap is widening due to a system crippled by lack of funding, rendering truly inspiring solutions cost prohibitive. They plan to expand beyond the prevailing education models and create something new. Jabez has delivered over 1,000 presentations in the last 14 years to organizations including Nordstrom, Deloitte, Boeing, GE, IBM, HP, the US Army, and more. He also speaks at several Technology Conferences on social media conversation and tracking. His legal Continuing Legal Education presentation about creating an ethical online presence for your firm qualifies for CLE credit in most states. As a journalist, Jabez focuses on marketing, technology, and data strategies. His writing can be found on NBC, ABA Journal, LMA, Clio, Avvo, Attorneys at Work, Forbes CMO network (regular contributor), and many international publications.
Jabez LebretJabez Lebret

Maria LeCuyer – Business Expert & Mentor For Brick & Mortar, Prescription For Personal Breakthrough, Author

Maria LeCuyer is a serial entrepreneur and helps new businesses succeed from the start, and returns lagging businesses to profitably. She utilizes her thirty years of business expertise in corporate America, vast knowledge of global product marketing, and success of several businesses of her own, to quickly identify the problems that may be fracturing your business from prospering. As a business consultant and mentor, Maria offers time-tested strategies and solutions that deliver effective and robust results. Maria was trained as a pharmacist, and quickly became a well known pharmaceutical business executive in one of Fortune 500’s ten biggest healthcare companies. She earned countless awards along the way. Maria’s expertise and business sense translated into new levels of profit for her company, including the highest increase in profit for the South Florida market and the highest dollar amount in profit in 2011 and 2013. Maria teaches how to infuse your life and businesses with a powerful and positive mindset to manifest an affluent lifestyle. She shares her experience authentically as she offers a new and improved approach to conducting business mindfully. She is the author of “Prescription for Personal Breakthrough; offering proven and easy to follow business and life success tips.”
Maria LeCuyerMaria LeCuyer

Thomas A. Stewart – Executive Director at National Center for the Middle Market

Thomas A. Stewart is the Executive Director of the National Center for the Middle Market, the leading source for knowledge, leadership, and research on midsized companies, based at the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University. Tom is an influential thought leader on global management issues and ideas, an internationally recognized editor and publisher, an authority on intellectual capital and knowledge management, and a best-selling author. The former Editor and Managing Director of The Harvard Business Review, Thomas is a summa cum laude graduate of Harvard College and holds an honorary Doctor of Science degree from Cass Business School, City University London.
Thomas A. Stewart

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