September 29, 2017 – Hair Care Founder Cornell McBride, Bicycle Entrepreneur Rich Allen, & Meaning at Work Danny Gutknecht

September 29, 2017 – Hair Care Founder Cornell McBride, Bicycle Entrepreneur Rich Allen, & Meaning at Work Danny Gutknecht

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Cornell McBride Jr. – President of McBride Research Labs

M&M Products Company was in the health and beauty aids industry, selling their revolutionary product Sta-Sof-Fro. It was the first softening product developed for African-American men’s hair, and had revenues in excess of $40 million dollars and four national brands. In 1989, Cornell McBride Sr. and his partner sold M&M Products Company to Johnson Products. Cornell McBride  Jr. created The Design Essentials hair care system in 1990 for direct distribution of premium, quality hair care solutions. The collection now includes the Therapeutics Rx, Wave by Design and Colaura brands, and are sold on e-commerce websites and directly to hair salons in the United States, Caribbean and the United Kingdom. Their products are engineered to infuse hair with vitamins and protein that promote movement and manageability. Cornell was a finalist for the Atlanta Small Business Person of the Year.
Cornell McBrideCornell McBride

Rich Allen – Founder at Tour de Profit, Recruiter, Advisor to Small Business Owners and Author of The Ultimate Business Tune Up: A Simple Yet Powerful Business Model That Will Transform the Lives of Small Business Owners

Rich Allen is passionate about helping small business owners accomplish great things.  He has worked with business owners for nearly 10 years, helping to solve their most complex problems. His goal is to help owners improve profitability, build great teams, and implement repeatable business processes. His clients build a sustainable, profitable business that can succeed even without them. Rich uses the bicycle as a metaphor for a business. It’s a powerful way to look at businesses to learn what needs to be improved. Rich helps business owners have the “ride of their life” in their business. He has a radio show on KVGI Radio called “The Tour de Profit Hour” which the heroes of the American economy.
Rich AllenRich Allen

Danny Gutknecht – CEO of Pathways and Author of Author of Meaning At Work – And Its Hidden Language 

Danny Gutknecht is CEO of Pathways, and for over 20 years, his clients have trusted him to design and execute recruiting and talent development strategies. He helps organizations tap their potential by creating meaningful places to work. He has been a speaker at SXSW, The Global Innovation Summit, SHRM and various leadership retreats. Danny has authored the book “Meaning at Work.” Previously, he served as a CEO of a national retained search firm and he served as Co-Chair of The Greater Phoenix Economic Council.  In his book, Danny takes us on a journey through the insights of Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Abraham Maslow, and neuroscience to understand what meaning is, how it works and what can be done to engage it.
Daniel GutknechtDaniel Gutknecht

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