September 27, 2017 – GreenPrint Peter Davis, Inbox Pros Chris Arrendale and 9-1-1 Savior Fred White

September 27, 2017 – GreenPrint Peter Davis, Inbox Pros Chris Arrendale and 9-1-1 Savior Fred White

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Peter Davis – Founder & CEO, GreenPrint LLC

Pete Davis has more than twenty years of successful management, strategic, and corporate development experience in the high-growth financial technology, marketing, and payments industries. He always seeks opportunities to leverage his experience to help others in dynamic start-up and venture-backed companies. His new firm, GreenPrint, created the world’s first reduced emission fuel program. They license a Sustainability Software as a Service marketing solution to convenience store chains (7-Eleven for example) and oil companies allowing them to sell environmentally friendly fuel. They work with over 30,000 corporate and municipal fleets globally through their Clean Fleet Program. He is also an active investor in m2M Strategies/GetOne Rewards and InSequent and has served as a board member for Vesdia Corporation, Schoolpop LLC, CauseLoyalty, LLC, Georgia Shakespeare, and Sunrise Bank of Atlanta. Pete was recently a Finalist for Atlanta Small Business Person of the Year as judged by the Atlanta Business Chronicle.
Peter DavisPeter Davis

Chris Arrendale – Email Deliverability Expert and Founder/CEO of Inbox Pros

Chris Arrendale has more than sixteen years of experience in the technology and software industry. He has worked directly with many different ISPs, spam filter providers, webmail providers, and partners to resolve email deliverability and privacy issues. He also maintains several professional certifications including Certified Information Privacy Professional, Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge, as well as many email service provider and marketing automation certifications. Chris is actively involved with the Email Experience Council, the Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group, the Email Sender & Provider Coalition, the International Association of Privacy Professionals, and the Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association. Since founding Inbox Pros, an email deliverability and privacy consulting firm, Chris has worked with a variety of clients across many verticals solving their email deliverability challenges. He works to ensure that his client’s emails reach the inbox of their customers.
Chris ArrendaleChris Arrendale

Fred White – Co-Founder and CEO of LaaSer Critical Communications

Fred White has over twenty years of expertise in high visibility product management, marketing, and strategy. He saw a problem with the 9-1-1 emergency telephone system and designed a solution to fix it. Thousands of lives are lost every year due to confusion about the location of 9-1-1 callers. Calls are often routed to the wrong jurisdiction and latitude and longitude information are often incorrect. LaaSer provides patented location information and call routing designed to solve the problem of an incorrect location. Simply ut, we use cell phones today and the 9-1-1 system was designed before cells existed. police and fire personnel are often sent to locations mile from the problem. At its core, the technology runs in the cloud and on any mobile device that gives accurate location information about the caller to operators immediately. Fred recently won the Small Business Person of the Year Award in Atlanta.
Fred WhiteFred White

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