May 9, 2013 – Kim Ades and Kyla Brennan

May 9, 2013 – Kim Ades and Kyla Brennan

Broadcast May 9, 2013  on Liberty Express Radio – Kim Ades and Kyla Brennan

“The audio file was removed when we switched hosts. Sorry. The cost was prohibitive. If you need the file, contact us and we will send it.”

Kim Ades– Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching & JournalEngine™ Software

Kim works exclusively with business leaders to work on their thought management! That’s right, thought management!  Kim teaches her clients how to manage their thinking so that they react to negative circumstances with agility and grace. She is one of North America’s foremost experts on performance through thought management.

Kyla Brennan- CEO, Founder of HelloSociety

Kyla is the world’s top Pinterest guru. This is a fascinating story about how she got started, and really reinforces all we are trying to teach. Get on Pinterest!