September 12, 2018 – SEO Guru Vlad Mkrtumyan, Blue Collar Coach Kenny Chapman and Low Man Totem Pole Heather MacArthur

September 12, 2018 – SEO Guru Vlad Mkrtumyan, Blue Collar Coach Kenny Chapman and Low Man Totem Pole Heather MacArthur

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Vlad Mkrtumyan – Founder and CEO of Logic Inbound and Cofounders’ Connect

Vlad Mkrtumyan is the Founder and CEO of Logic Inbound, a digital marketing agency based in Seattle. Vlad has been featured on,,, as well as the Blind Entrepreneur Podcast, The Business Marketing Engine Podcast, the GreenPlanet-BluePlanet Podcast, the 1590 AM Lifestyle Business Owner Radio Show, and many others! At the age of 19, his first startup, Shoplletes, achieved 300k downloads on the android app store with 30 thousand monthly active users. Vlad then graduated with a Bachelor’s of Psychology at the age of 20. At 21, he started Skyreal, a real estate software company, which grew to 13 brokerages in 3 states. Currently, Logic Inbound is a 25 person Search Engine Optimization company. He also runs 5 different meetups ranging from Cryptocurrency to Web development.

Kenny Chapman – The Blue Collar Coach 

Kenny Chapman is an acclaimed authority on helping people discover their true potential. His compelling teachings have inspired individuals worldwide to reshape their lives and organizations, creating lasting change and unparalleled success. An entrepreneur at heart, Kenny built a highly successful plumbing/HVAC company, Peterson Plumbing, which created the personal freedom to travel and pursue other endeavors. Kenny has become a well-respected expert on business and personal development and was named one of America’s Premier Experts for 2011. Additionally, he was awarded The Tom McCart Consultant of the Year Award in 2014 for excellence in the HVAC industry. Kenny has authored two books: In-Home Sales Acceleration and The Six Dimensions of C.H.A.N.G.E and writes a monthly column for Plumbing & Mechanical Magazine. He has also been seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX, as well as featured in USA Today.
Kenny ChapmanKenny Chapman

Heather MacArthur – Author of Low Man on the Totem Pole: Stop Begging for a Promotion, Start Selling Your Genius and Coach at The Executive Advisory

Heather MacArthur started her career at the young age of 14. When she took her first job as a server at a fast food restaurant, the owner sat her down and explained that she was not just starting a job; she was becoming his partner in the business. That message has stuck with her ever since. Heather’s career has been a winding path that has taken her from a burger flipper extraordinaire, to serving in the Air Force as a Russian Linguist for the National Security Agency, all the way to being a learning and development leader for companies such as Princess Cruises and The Walt Disney Company, with quite a few odd jobs in between. It’s these diverse experiences that have built her philosophy and approach to what she does. Regardless of whether she is coaching, facilitating, or speaking at an event, Heather strives to help people tap into their unique strengths, connect the dots of all their talents and experiences, and partner with one another to get the job done. Heather believes that because of technology and the global nature of how business is done today, it is essential for all of us to be our own best managers. As a consultant with The Executive Advisory, Heather gets to support a wide range of companies and industries. Heather works with individuals at all levels to help clear away the obstacles that are preventing them from reaching their highest potential, whether they are struggling in their current role or looking to elevate to their next one. She also specializes in partnering with leadership and human resources to build high performing teams and strategic work environments that support their employees to thrive in a way that drives business growth and success.
Heather MacArthurHeather MacArthur