September 14, 2018 – Sport Team Owner Andy Arlotta, The Blonde Spot Sarah Allison and Commercial Real Estate Loans Leslie Smith

September 14, 2018 – Sport Team Owner Andy Arlotta, The Blonde Spot Sarah Allison and Commercial Real Estate Loans Leslie Smith

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Andrew John Arlotta – Co-Owner/VP at Georgia Swarm Indoor Lacrosse 

Andrew John Arlotta is the Co-owner and Vice President of Georgia Swarm. After leaving a successful healthcare career, Andrew pursued his true professional passion for sports management. As the Vice President and Co-owner of the Minnesota Swarm professional indoor lacrosse team, he has seen revenue and interest in the team exponentially rise. Since Andrew took over management of the Minnesota Swarm in 2008, the team has seen ticket sales increase 20 percent every year, executed a move to Georgia, and sponsorship revenues have doubled in the last two years. Not only has Andy brought interest and success to the Georgia Swarm, he has also been a symbol of young entrepreneurship and public service. The team won the Championship last year.
Dave MattsonAndrew John Arlotta

Sarah Bettencourt Allison – Mother of Marketing, Breaker of Desk Job Chains, Khaleesi of the Great Digital Sea and CEO of The Blonde Spot

Sarah Bettencourt is a social strategist who helps young entrepreneurs and parents to overcome obstacles using creative ideas and strategies. Aside from living her best mom life, she spent the last 8 years conquering the digital social world and developing ways for small to medium-sized brands to overcome marketing obstacles through creative ideas and strategies. In January of 2018, Sarah beta launched Mother of Marketing and fully launched in April of 2018. Mother of Marketing is here to rescue 9-5 workers from the chains of their desk jobs and help them understand how to break the wheel they may be being crushed by.

Leslie Smith – Managing Director of Commercial Direct and Silver Hill Funding

Leslie Smith is managing director for Commercial Direct. Leslie led the launch of Silver Hill Funding in 2016 and is building on that experience to spearhead the launch of the consumer-facing direct lender, Commercial Direct. An experienced financial services professional and thought leader with more than 20 years in the industry, she has been instrumental in leading multiple initiatives that expanded companies into international markets, as well as developing systems and programs to drive operational productivity and efficiency. Leslie’s key contributions include building a banker education program, managing the top 50 correspondent relationships, and leading expansion into international markets, as well as overseeing Project Management, Vendor Management, and Process Engineering groups within Bayview Loan Servicing.
Leslie SmithLeslie Smith