September 7, 2016 – Greatest Hits! LinkedIn Expert Adam Houlahan & Co-Founder of Jebbit Jonathan Lacoste

September 7, 2016 – Greatest Hits! LinkedIn Expert Adam Houlahan & Co-Founder of Jebbit Jonathan Lacoste

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Adam Houlahan – LinkedIn Expert, Social Entrepreneur, Social Media Strategist and Author of Social Media Secret Sauce: From 0 to 200,000 Followers in 1 Hour a Day

Adam Houlahan is an international Keynote Speaker specialising in Social Media for business. He is also the CEO of the highly successful boutique agency, Web Traffic That Works. He lives in Australia’s famous tourist destination the Gold Coast Queensland, and is considered to be one of Australia’s leading experts in harnessing the power of Linkedin for business. Over 3,200 people globally have sought his skill and insights to leverage the power of LinkedIn for their businesses. Adam is also a featured columnist for MOB Magazine, an Australian National Business publication. He consults on Social Media to private clients in Australia, New Zealand, North America, The Middle East and Singapore. His work as CEO and owner of 6 successful companies has given him the hands-on experience to understand business from the inside.
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Jonathan Lacoste – Co-Founder & COO at Jebbit, Forbes 30 Under 30 and Inc. Magazine Columnist

Jonathan Lacoste has been on the show before, and is one of the youngest guests we have had. As Co-Founder of Jebbit, Jonathan has arranged venture-backing for the marketing software startup. The company offers the industry’s first post-click engagement marketing system for some of America’s best known brands, like Reebok. It was named one of the “Top 25 Most Promising Companies in the World” by CNBC and the “#1 Startup” at SXSW. They also won the “Boston’s Hottest Startup” award and Tech Cocktail’s “Most Innovative Sales & Marketing Technology of the Year Award.” Great stuff, with an interesting conversation about dropping out of college.
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