July 9, 2020 – Leverage RE John Matheson, Catapulting Commissions Anthony Garcia and X-Force Red Charles Henderson

July 9, 2020 – Leverage RE John Matheson, Catapulting Commissions Anthony Garcia and X-Force Red Charles Henderson

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John Matheson – Founder and CEO at LeverageCalc 

15% of small business owners change lending institutions every year.

John Matheson is a real estate developer who has pivoted into software after discovering that it is an underutilized tool in the commercial lending space. He is the Founder and CEO of LeverageCalc, a software solution that provides insight into the finance ability of an investment property or business from the lender’s perspective by running potential transactions against today’s common commercial bank guidelines. Prior to founding LeverageCalc, John founded Commercial Loan Success Software (CLS) with a mission to vastly improve how commercial borrowers and credible lenders connect to begin the financing process. John has also authored a free eBook, Raise Business Capital, where he shares his knowledge & experience on how to present to lenders and what you need to prepare yourself & your business for the funding conversation. He is also the co-author of Commercial Loan Success: A guide to lender financing your small business or investment property in today’s economy, which offers a step-by-step guide to predictably secure favorable lender financing when you need it.

Anthony Garcia – Author of Catapulting Comissions and Podcast Host of Catapulting Comissions with Anthony Garcia

 There is always adversity coming. We plan for adversity. I know it
sounds stupid. 100% of our goal became more realistic because
we were shooting for a little more.

Anthony Garcia is an expert in sales training, recruiting, goal achievement and motivating salespeople to peak performance. As an 18 -year veteran of sales, Anthony has achieved top accolades in direct sales, business to business sales and medical sales. In his previous roles, he has trained and developed sales teams for Cutco Cutlery and Paychex. In his current role, Anthony is on the leadership team for C.R. Bard that oversees a $500 million business in medical sales where he also trained international sales forces and helped facilitate product launches in new markets. Anthony is a member of the prestigious “Game Changers Academy” which has been the launching pad for hundreds of young successful entrepreneurs. Anthony is the author of the international best-seller, Catapulting Commissions: Achieve Your Next Sales Goal, where he leverages his two decades of sales experience and shares the 11 questions every salesperson must ask themselves to break the cycle of feast or famine to enjoy consistent checks and income.

Charles Henderson – Global Managing Partner and Head of IBM X-Force Red

Charles Henderson runs IBM’s global security testing practice called X-Force Red. With several decades in the industry, he’s is a trusted hacker that looks for ways to protect organizations before the bad guys break in. He has a keen interest in social engineering, hardware and software hacking including IoT devices, point of sale and ATM hacking and is constantly looking for flaws and conducting research.  X-Force Red’s clients range from the largest on the Fortune lists to small and mid-sized companies interested in improving their security posture. Charles is also an enthusiastic member of the information security community and an advocate of vulnerability research. He has been a featured speaker at various conferences (including Black Hat, DEFCON, RSA, SOURCE, OWASP AppSec USA and Europe, and SXSW) around the world on various subjects relating to security testing and incident response. He has also appeared on or in CBS Evening News, CNN, BBC, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, USA Today, The Register, SC Magazine, Engadget, eWeek, Reuters, Car & Driver, and various other media outlets.