July 10, 2020 – Covid Sex Adam Lyons and Tantric Activation Sarrah Rose

July 10, 2020 – Covid Sex Adam Lyons and Tantric Activation Sarrah Rose

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Adam Lyons – Founder and CEO at Psychology Hacker

Our program is focused on helping people have great dating lives.
If you haven’t taken the program, you have a terrible dating life!

Adam Lyons, aka AFC Adam, is one of the world’s leading dating coaches with a near-perfect track record of his clients getting the results they want. Once voted ‘Least Likely to Ever Get a Girlfriend’ in school by his classmates, Adam has now been voted #1 in the world for his craft in dating for multiple years. He has written articles for AskMen.com and featured in a number of documentaries such as The Rules of Seduction on Channel 4. Adam is also a renowned world-class speaker on the subject of business and marketing. He has taken multiple businesses from zero to $1 Million in less than a year. He is a serial entrepreneur that has founded several businesses, and created a handful of channels and fan bases in a variety of niches. He’s attracted over 120,000+ Facebook Followers, 60,000+ Youtube Followers, and lots of other things most people work at for years with no luck. He specializes in helping high-level businesses scale to the next level by putting the proper systems in place. Adam is also the author of several books including Brain Hacking: Rewire Your Mind to Have It All, where he reveals unique insights into the minds of legendary businessmen, artists, and politicians throughout history.

Sarrah Rose – CEO/Founder of Tantric Activation and Podcast Host of Sex and Sarrah Rose

Its a rough time for sex. Being in a monogamous relationship is
the safest way to avoid Covid.

Sarrah Rose is a world-renowned Men’s Sexual Empowerment Coach specializing in Tantra, and the Founder of Tantric Activation; an online tantric sexuality coaching platform. In 2012 and 2013, Sarrah travelled to India, where she was trained in tantra. Sarrah then studied under legendary tantra coach Layla Martin at the Tantra Institute of Integrated Sexuality, where she received a certification as a Sex, Love and Relationship Coach. She is devoted to helping others reach a higher plane of passion and pleasure. Sarah developed her techniques by studying tantra, mixing in evolutionary biology, and adapting it for practical use in the modern world.