May 24, 2021 – Leaders in Lockdown Atholl Duncan and Family Entrepreneurs Deborah and Jonah Haile

May 24, 2021 – Leaders in Lockdown Atholl Duncan and Family Entrepreneurs Deborah and Jonah Haile

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Atholl Duncan – Chair of Black Isle Group

Focus on the most important thing. Don’t be a busy fool. Be agile and communicate! And listen to your people. Show empathy and care.

Atholl Duncan is Chair of Black Isle Group, leadership performance development specialists, and an international executive coach. Certified by INSEAD, he also studied leadership at Harvard and Cranfield. As a  former journalist and television producer, he worked for BBC News for more than 20 years. His new book is  Leaders in Lockdown: Inside Stories of COVID-19 and the New World of Business. Atholl is a popular conference speaker, where he aims to inspire and inform the leadership community around how they need to respond to the existential changes facing the world. He seeks to inspire a movement of change for the benefit of businesses and wider society. Atholl works with leaders in the “C Suite” and the emerging next generation to help them maximise their potential. He also helps businesses of all shapes and sizes to re-focus their purpose, values and strategy to be fit for the post Covid-19 world.

Deborah and Jonah Haile – co-CEOs of Tiny Global Footprints   

When kids help their entrepreneur parents, we’re teaching them entrepreneurship, we’re teaching them the how-work ethic and
that is something they can’t learn at school.

Deborah Haile Founder and Co-CEO of Tiny Global Footprints, writing coach, and bestselling author, Deborah is a busy working mother committed to seeing the world with her son. She loves seeing the world through his eyes and sharing stories from their travels by writing the Jonah’s Global Footprints: Book 1: The Search for Elephants in Thailand, and Book 2: Finding My Amigo in Cuba, and more to come in the series. She holds a master’s degree from George Mason University in Virginia and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Minnesota. Deborah is originally from Eritrea but grew up in Minnesota. She is passionate about teaching children about global cultures and wants to help make travel an essential part of every childhood. She plans to publish more books based on different countries she and Jonah visit. Co-CEO of Tiny Global Footprints, world traveler, and bestselling author, Jonah Seyum is seven years old and has traveled to 10 countries. He is the first published Eritrean child author, and enjoys spending time with his family. As lover of both sports and reading, Jonah plays soccer and basketball as well as loves reading the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. He enjoys learning new languages, and dancing to Eritrean music.