March 3, 2015 – Payboard’s Matt Dyor & Apprentice Winner and Angel Kelly Perdew

March 3, 2015 – Payboard’s Matt Dyor & Apprentice Winner and Angel Kelly Perdew

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Matt Dyor – Co-founder and CEO at Payboard

Matt Dyor is the CEO at Payboard. It helps customers generate more business value from their existing website traffic. A child and a grandma get different responses to a site thanks to Payboard. Focused on conversion automation, Payboard is the art and science of increasing signup rates and purchase rates. Matt is helping analysis and automated recommendations. Matt was the Managing Director for the Microsoft Accelerator with Techstars, designed to grow 20 startups. They accelerated some absolutely incredible companies like MetricsHub (acquired), (acquired), and Appetas.
matt dyorMatt DyorMatt Dyor

Kelly Perdew – Co-Founder & CEO of TargetClose,  Angel Investor and Winner of TV’s Apprentice 2

Kelly Perdew earned a BS from West Point, a JD from the UCLA School of Law and an MBA from the Anderson School at UCLA. He served in the US Army as a Military Intelligence Officer and Airborne Ranger. And won Donald Trump’s Apprentice 2. Today he is CEO of TargetClose, an optimization platform that uses machine learning and marketers’ insights to automate testing. Kelly was also CEO of Fastpoint Games, a venture-backed software development firm that created live data-driven games for the NBA, NASCAR, Fox Television and Sony Online Entertainment. As President of, Kelly helped raise over $40M, and signed Showtime and CBS to televise mixed martial arts fights. He is a board member or advisor for, Ustream, Scopely, GatherGreen, and was previously an advisor or board member for LinkedIn and Pandora.
Kelly PerdewKelly PerdewKelly Perdew

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