November 20, 2015 – Motivational Publisher Justin Sachs & Venture and Vultures Chapter 16

November 20, 2015 – Motivational Publisher Justin Sachs & Venture and Vultures Chapter 16

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Justin Sachs – Founder of Motivational Press and Author of Skyrocket: Your Sales, Your Business, Your Success

Justin Sachs published his first book at 18, and now has published several more, 5 of which are best sellers! He owns 8 companies, including Motivational Press which has published 50 authors! His international speaking tour, The Ultimate Success Tour, cemented his position as one of the world’s leading leadership and peak performance speakers. Having advised and trained hundreds of thousands of people internationally, Justin is a highly regarded business expert on effectiveness, peak-performance, and marketing tactics. Justin has produced 3 movies including his best-selling Achieve Your Ultimate Success. He has written on topics ranging from leadership to business growth. He has been featured in hundreds of media outlets throughout the world including MSNBC, CNBC, Fox News, and Yahoo Finance and alongside world-renowned business experts including Brian Tracy, John Assaraf, Mark Victor Hansen, Loral Langemeier and many others.
Justin SachsJustin SachsJustin Sachs

This show features the latest episode of our entrepreneurial serial podcast! The story is called “Venture and Vultures: An Entrepreneurial Thriller.” Here is Chapter Sixteen. Hope you enjoy!

A Review of Past Episodes…..
Prologue – “Boys, Do You Understood How a Loan Works?”
Chapter One – “The Name of the Game Is Guts”
Chapter Two – “You Don’t Have a Clue”
Chapter Three – “So, What Are the Next Steps?”
Chapter Four – “Its Like a Vacuum in There!”
Chapter Five – “Can We Break Even?”
Chapter Six – ”Drive Faster, the Cell Is Not Working”
Chapter Seven, “You Want Flooding Keyboards or First Period?”
Chapter Eight, “Why Does He Keep Pulling his Dick?”
Chapter Nine, “4000 Miles in 3 Days!”
Chapter Ten, “Dude! We Are on Fire!”
Chapter Eleven, “You’ve Done Surprisingly Well”
Chapter Twelve, “Things Look Really Bad”
Chapter Thirteen, “Are You Looking for Investors?”
Chapter Fourteen, “Does that Mean We Get to Party with Clint Eastwood?”
Chapter Fifteen, “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner”

and now Chapter Sixteen, “So, Who’s the CEO of this Business?”

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