June 8, 2016 – Not How We Do It Dr. John Kotter & MET Musuem CDO Sree Sreenivasan

June 8, 2016 – Not How We Do It Dr. John Kotter & MET Musuem CDO Sree Sreenivasan

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Dr. John Kotter is Professor Emeritus at Harvard Business School and is often called the world’s fore­most authority on leadership and change. His many previous books, including Leading Change and Our Iceberg Is Melting, have been translated into more than two hundred foreign-language editions and have been bestsellers around the world. He is a founder of Kotter International, a consulting firm that specializes in helping leaders transform their organizations. Professor Kotter’s MIT and Harvard education laid the foundation for his life long passion for educating, motivating and helping people. Today, he continues to deliver seminars in Harvard Business School’s Executive Education Programs, which are sometimes regarded as life changing by his students. Dr. Kotter has authored 19 books to date – twelve of them bestsellers. His book Leading Change was selected by Time Magazine in 2011 as one of the 25 most influential business management books ever written.
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Sree Sreenivasan – Chief Digital Officer at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Podcaster @Sree Show

Sree Sreenivasan is the first Chief Digital Officer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the latest step in what he calls “a three-decade, one-way love affair with one of the world’s greatest museums.” At the Met, he leads a 70-person team on topics he loves: digital, web, social, mobile, video, apps, data, geolocation, email and more. He joined the Met after spending 20 years at Columbia University as a member of the faculty of the Columbia Journalism School and a year as the university’s first Chief Digital Officer. He is founder of such social media learning opportunities as Social Media One-Night Stand and Social Media Weekend #smwknd. From 2009-2011, he was part of the founding team at DNAinfo.com, developing the initial concept and business plan (funded by the founder of Ameritrade), a hyperlocal site named one of the six hottest news startups of 2010 by BusinessInsider. In 2015, he joined CBS Radio’s new PlayIt podcasting network with the immodestly titled “@Sree Show: Talking tech, culture, entrepreneurship.” He is co-founder of SAJA, the South Asian Journalists Association. AdAge named him one of the 25 media people to follow on Twitter. Poynter named him one of the 35 most influential people in social media and Newsweek one of the 40 most influential South Asians in the US. He was also on Quill Magazine’s list of 20 journalists to follow on Twitter, but he was much more excited that three of his students were also listed, making that four out of 20!
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