August 7, 2023 – 20 Companies Started and Sold Jay D. Rodgers and Power Mood Sam DeMase

August 7, 2023 – 20 Companies Started and Sold Jay D. Rodgers and Power Mood Sam DeMase

Jay D. Rodgers – Founder of Biz Owners Ed and the Author of The Bet: An Entrepreneur’s All-In Strategy to Win in Business

One of the 20 companies that I’ve started had $60 revenue in the
first month with one customer. Today, that company is the world’s
largest ignition interlock company. It has 1,800,000 customers in
18 countries, worth over $1 billion.

Jay D. Rodgers

Jay D. Rodgers has seen and done it all: from gritty start-ups to worldwide businesses that generate millions in revenue. He’s founded and sold numerous ventures including Smart Start—now the world’s largest breath-alcAfter graduating in 1960 from the University of Iowa, Jay spent eight years with Eastman Kodak before venturing out on his own. In 1993, he completed the three-year Owner/President Management (OPM) Program at Harvard. He has served as a guest lecturer at SMU on “Managing the Entrepreneurial Business” and taught the “Starting Your Own Business” course at the University of North Texas. Jay gives back a great deal of his time to mentoring committed entrepreneurs with the program he developed with his wife and a few friends, Biz Owners Ed. Biz Owners Ed is a non-profit, tax-exempt (under Section 501(c)(3)) entrepreneurial program and community for business owners seeking a burst of knowledge, advice and tools to take the next exponential leap forward in their businesses. This program provides entrepreneurs with priceless, high-level guidance and assistance from experienced and proven business mentors. Biz Owners Ed also offers an effective platform to form long-lasting business relationships with your fellow entrepreneurs, mentors and other key industry leaders. In The Bet: An Entrepreneur’s All-In Strategy to Win in Business, Jay shares his tricks of the trade that will help both new and seasoned entrepreneurs achieve their best results. Often referred to as “the entrepreneur’s mentor,” Jay cofounded Biz Owner’s Ed, a nonprofit organization with the mission of helping to perpetuate and expand this country’s entrepreneurs. he intends for The Bet to help mentor readers and show how to successfully deal with the challenges of entrepreneurship faced across the country today. The Bet includes topical highlights, such as: • You can’t create a market. You must identify and serve unserved and underserved markets. • Knowing when it’s more profitable to change the players than to change the game. • Defining your markets on the front end so you don’t lose money trying to be all things to all people. • Choosing when to follow the facts, and when to follow your gut feelings. In most transactions, you are relying primarily on people; you don’t always need all the facts or eyes on the investment to make the right decisions. • Maintaining the mentality that, as an entrepreneur, you will always find a way. It’s inevitable that you’ll eventually be the only one who believes in a decision you’ve got to make. Go aginst the grain. Take risks. Bet on yourself.

Sam DeMase – Founder & Ceo of Power Mood and the Author of Power Mood: Unlock Your Confidence, Transform Your Life & Command Your Value

The cornerstone of my book is that negotiation
is a collaboration, not a confrontation.

Sam DeMase

Sam DeMase is an internationally recognized Career Coach, Self-Advocacy Expert, author, and speaker with a community of 600,000+ followers on social media (@apowermood). She specializes in teaching women (and everybody!) how to navigate and hack the corporate system, cultivate their careers, and command their value. Her best-selling digital career tools have been purchased in 30+ countries worldwide. Her expertise has been featured in print (The Washington Post, Fortune, NBC, Business Insider & more), on podcasts, and speaking engagements at companies and universities globally. She has 13+ years of professional experience in People Operations and holds a BA in Business from NYU. Sam has built global training teams for multi-million-dollar corporations, created world-class training programs from the ground up, coached and developed dozens of inspiring leaders, interviewed hundreds of candidates, and advocated her way up the corporate ladder. She faced many challenges in her career and learned to advocate for herself every step of the way. She is proud to teach other women how to do the same.