September 27, 2019 – Franchisor Karen Frank, IP Attorney Suzi Hixon and Facebook/PTA Online Safety

September 27, 2019 – Franchisor Karen Frank, IP Attorney Suzi Hixon and Facebook/PTA Online Safety

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Karen Frank – Franchisor and Owner of GreenLight Mobility

The perfect prospective franchisee would be someone who
is handy but someone who is very sympathetic towards people with disabilities. Someone who wants to own their own business and make
a difference in their community.

Karen Frank is the owner of GreenLight Mobility, a home safety and mobility franchise out of New Jersey. She is a trained physical therapist who, after years of working in the field, realized there was a need to help people live out at home safely — and to encourage people to be proactive as they age, making decisions that help them stay at home for a long period of time after retirement. Karen discusses launching a new franchise in the growing aging and senior living space.

Suzan Hixon – Trademark Attorney + Trademark Creation Strategist at The Private Label Lawyer

If you’re just starting out, be very conservative with how much
you spend on trademarks and endorsement because brand strength
only happens over time.

Suzi Hixon, Esq. is a trademark attorney and brand name creation strategist. In her 15 years of practice, she has handled the trademark portfolios of Fortune 100 companies as well as small eCommerce startups. Suzi’s superpower of taking complex legal matters and transforming them into easily-digestible solutions for her clients has resulted in raving client reviews. Her entrepreneurial spirit and indestructible work ethic over the years have spawned within her own mind a whirlwind of trademark creativity.

Antigone Davis – Head of Global Safety at Facebook, and
Collin Robinson – PTA Connected Ambassador & National PTA Board Member

The National PTA and Facebook are continuing their “Digital Families Community Events” happening in 200 cities around the US.

Antigone Davis is Head of Global Safety at Facebook, where she works to ensure that Facebook remains a leader in online safety and that everyone understands the steps Facebook takes to promote safety. She also spearheads the efforts of Facebook’s Safety Advisory Board, and serves on the International Advisory Board for WePROTECT as well as the boards of the National Cybersecurity Alliance, the Family Online Safety Institute, and the National Network to End Domestic Violence. Prior to joining Facebook, Antigone spent 10 years working for a State Attorney General As Senior Advisor.

Collin Robinson serves as a member of the National PTA Board of Directors and as Chair of the Bylaws Committee and works as a freelance web developer. As a long-time PTA member & leader, with professional experience in the digital space, Collin was named PTA Connected Ambassador in 2018. PTA Connected is an initiative of National PTA to educate and engage families in digital wellness, security, access, equity and literacy. Collin is the proud dad of two school-aged children and has been an active PTA parent leader at the local, regional, state and national levels. He served as president of Oregon PTA from 2015-2017.