March 23, 2018 – Facebook Fallout Jason McDonald, Two Brain Chris Cooper and Inner Critic Susan Peppercorn

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Jason McDonald – Senior SEO and Social Media Director at JM Internet Group and Author of Social Media Marketing Workbook: 2018 Edition – How to Use Social Media for Business

Jason McDonald teaches business owners the art and science of getting anything to the top of search engines. Director of the JM Internet Group, this brilliant SEO & Digital Marketing expert, is author to the popular Amazon best-seller digital marketing books – “SEO Fitness Workbook,” “Social Media Marketing Workbook,” and “AdWords Workbook.” His SEO book has 554 reviews and his Social Media book has 213 reviews, both insane numbers! In 1994, before digital marketing was even a thing, Jason started his own technology blog, reaching over 50,000 subscribers within the embedded systems engineering community, worldwide. Today, through teaching digital marketing courses and corporate workshops, Jason pursues his passion of taking complex topics and making them easy to understand and practical for small business marketers.
Jason McDonaldJason McDonald

Chris Cooper – Two-Brain Founder, Gym Owner and Author of Two-Brain Business: Grow Your Gym (Volume 1)

Chris Cooper is the owner of CrossFit Catalyst and IgniteGym, as well as several small businesses. When Catalyst ran into trouble in 2008, Chris borrowed money to hire a mentor and began recording everything he learned on his first blog. He compiled the best blog posts into his first book – “Two-Brain-Business” – which has gone on to become the bestselling fitness business book of all time. He began mentoring gyms in early 2012. Soon after, Chris was invited to work as a journalist for CrossFit, Inc. for a year and he began traveling around the world on the CrossFit for Hope and other projects. In 2015, Chris focused on writing two other books, “Two-Brain Business 2.0” and “Help First.” In 2016, he launched and to focus on his two passions: building better entrepreneurs and training better coaches.
Chris Cooper


Susan Peppercorn – Career Management Coach, Personal Branding Strategist, Bestselling Author of Ditch Your Inner Critic At Work: Evidence-Based Strategies To Thrive In Your Career

Susan Peppercorn specializes in working with individuals in career transition who find themselves at a crossroads either through circumstance or choice. She also develops training for organizations to help them create higher levels of employee engagement and productivity. Her coaching and workshops are based on the principles of Positive Psychology, a research-driven branch of social science that studies how the resilient, creative and fulfilling aspects of behavior can be learned and used. Prior to becoming a coach, she spent 20 years in business development and marketing in high technology and higher education where the seeds of my fascination with thriving work environments.
Susan PeppercornSusan Peppercorn

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