July 7, 2021 – Ignite with Matthew Moseley, Podcast Promoter Candace Dorsey and M&A Chad Peterson

July 7, 2021 – Ignite with Matthew Moseley, Podcast Promoter Candace Dorsey and M&A Chad Peterson

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Matthew Moseley – Principal and CEO of Ignition Strategy Group

Ignition: Superior Communication Strategies for
Creating Stronger Connections

Matthew L. Moseley is a communication strategist, author, speaker, and he holds three world records for long-distance swimming. Spending his career at the intersection of public policy, business and government, he is principal and CEO of the Ignition Strategy Group, which specializes in high-stakes communications and issue management for organizations of all sizes, including American Rivers, Xcel Energy, the AFL-CIO, and the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar. He served as communications director for the Colorado Senate and press officer for the United States Olympic Committee at the 2004 games. Mosely’s books include Dear Mr. Thompson: Felony Murder, Hunter Thompson, and the Last Gonzo Campaign, about his successful effort, with the late journalist Hunter Thompson, to free Lisl Auman from a life sentence for felony murder. He is the author of “Ignition: Superior Communication Strategies for Creating Stronger Connections”.

Candice Dorsey – Hello C.S. Dorsey

It doesn’t matter what business, side hustle, or writing hustle
you want to do, they all have to start somewhere. 

Candice Dorsey is a podcast launch strategist and lover of all things podcasting, business, and cat videos. She has been in the online space since she self-published her first novel on Amazon in 2011, and fell in love with connecting and building relationships online with readers and other authors. By doing so, it has helped get her first and forever client, her business accountability bestie, and helped her launch some awesome services to help service-based business owners. She has few ideas he could talk about on your podcast. She could make an episode on any of these, or any other ideas you have that your audience would find interesting. Candice is a multitasking person who still works 9-5 but has already started her own business at the same time. She’s the founder and host of the Hello C.S. Dorsey website that helps entrepreneurs and business owners. Also, she’s the host of the Hello C.S. Dorsey Podcast. Moreover, she has written five books and published them by herself. She loves inspiring writers who want to launch or promote their writing and books according to her own experience.

Chad Peterson – Founder of Peterson Acquisitions

Like all of us, he had plenty of reasons to fail, but he chose
the same path you did: to succeed. 

Chad Peterson is an expert business broker and the founder of Peterson Acquisitions, an award-winning M&A firm. Chad’s firm handles transactions in the $1 million to $25 million range, with some deals exceeding $25 million. He works with companies all over the United States and has completed international deals as well. Peterson Acquisitions was recently named by one publication as the #1 ranked business broker in the United States. What sets Chad apart from all other business brokers is his aggressive style, work ethic and tenacity that are rooted in his humble beginnings. Chad is a self-made entrepreneur that has been in the trenches. He has started, built and sold 6 of his own businesses. Chad wrote the book “From Blue to White: A Working Man’s Guide to Self-Employment”. Bestselling author Scott Alexander of “Rhinoceros Success” wrote the foreword. He also wrote the book “Swinging Doors: A Guide to Selling Your Company” and is the host of the podcast: Business Brokers: Buying, Selling & Growing Businesses.