March 29, 2024 – Hypernomics Doug Howarth and B2B P3 Selling Greg Nutter

March 29, 2024 – Hypernomics Doug Howarth and B2B P3 Selling Greg Nutter

Doug Howarth – Founder of Hypernomics and Author of Hypernomics: Using Hidden Dimensions to Solve Unseen Problems 

Several 100 years of economic theory touted up until today, talk
about the law of supply and demand. They want to talk about
everything occurring in a two- dimensional system. This book
realizes that everything works in a four-dimensional system.  

Doug Howarth

Doug Howarth’s life is a story of remarkable challenges and groundbreaking discoveries. From his fascination with coordinate systems to a life-saving kidney transplant, his journey led him to uncover the concept of Hypernomics—a field that explores uncharted dimensions in market analysis. Driven by newfound clarity, Doug founded Hypernomics Inc., developing innovative software capable of analyzing markets in four or more dimensions, and grabbing the attention of industry giants like NASA and Lockheed Martin. His upcoming book, “Hypernomics: Using Hidden Dimensions to Solve Unseen Problems,” will revolutionize conventional thinking. Doug’s story inspires us to embrace unconventional thinking and unleash extraordinary breakthroughs.

Greg Nutter – Keynote Speaker and Author of P3 Selling: The Essentials of B2B Sales Success

Price is easy. Price is a feature. And if all you are doing is pitching features,
anybody can do that. Why do I need a sales Rep to do that? If you don’t
by digging into real problems, ideally problems that you can solve better than
somebody else, then how do you justify your price? 

Greg Nutter

Greg Nutter is a management consultant who he helps business owners and senior sales executives solve revenue growth problems through direct, indirect, or multi-channel sales models. He is also the author of the Amazon Best-Selling Book, “P3 Selling: The Essentials of B2B Sales Success”. With over thirty-five years of experience, Greg has worked with a wide range of companies to develop strategies, programs, processes, and tools to grow revenues, enter new markets, increase sales consistency, and develop skilled sales, channel, and management personnel. In addition to his work with start-up and mid-market companies, Greg has had the unique opportunity to contribute to the success of many global Fortune 500 organizations in the manufacturing, distribution, services, and technology industries. He has also had the opportunity to coach and train over 1,000 sales professionals and offered his expertise on a wide range of sales, sales management, and channel management topics through hundreds of executive briefings, interactive workshops, and keynote presentations throughout North America, South America, Asia Pacific, and Europe.