February 2, 2021 – Hosting Entrepreneur Ben Gabler and Author & Co-Founder of Six Ideas Chris Kane

February 2, 2021 – Hosting Entrepreneur Ben Gabler and Author & Co-Founder of Six Ideas Chris Kane

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Ben Gabler – Founder & CEO at Rocket.net

If its perfect, you waited too long! 

Ben Gabler is evidence that when you couple a passion for team-building with an entrepreneurial spirit, you can build technologies that simplify daily tasks, improving quality of life. With a proven record growing technology businesses, Gabler has expanded market share for major global Web hosting brands and brought technology startups from initial idea to success. Ben launched the Web hosting company Host Nine in 2006. Four years later, HostGator bought HostNine and appointed Gabler as their Chief Operating Officer. Appointed as the Senior Product Manager of Hosting at GoDaddy in 2013, Ben managed close to $500 million in product revenue, where he implemented a comprehensive redesign and relaunch of all hosting products in just over four months. In 2014, Gabler developed EasyRent.com, the first-ever all-in-one property management platform. By combining product vision with technical acumen, Ben attracted more than 12,000 users in only five months. To expand his efforts, Gabler took on a new role in late-2015: Chief Executive Officer at customer service software company Help.com. At Help.com, Ben’s mission is to build the world’s most robust toolset for online customer support. During 13+ years of business experience, he became increasingly aware that online service tools are essential and customer service is often a key differentiator. Wanting to best meet the needs of growing businesses, Gabler built a world-class customer service toolset so that his customers could provide world-class customer service. Upon completion of the Help.com Platform, Gabler joined Lance Crosby and team at StackPath as Chief Product Officer. Gabler drove the Product & Software Engineering efforts around consolidating all of the StackPath acquisitions and most notably launched the world’s first true Edge Computing platform.

Chris Kane – Author, Co-Founder of Six Ideas

The key point of differentiation going forward is to seen as
an employer of choice, Ask “what best suits our preferred way
of working? Do we need office space, a mix, or all from home? 

Chris Kane, author of: Where Is My Office? Reimagining the Workplace for the 21st Century & Founder of Six Ideas, ex head of Corporate Real Estate at BBC Workplace, and now living a portfolio life. Chris is a strategic thinker with an innate ability to extract clarity from highly complex, cluttered and controversial situations. His strong grasp of how the property industry works, and his ability to assess what organisations need, are informed by almost three decades’ experience as a workplace professional including senior roles at the BBC and The Walt Disney Company, having operated as the Vice President of International Corporate Real Estate for The Walt Disney Company, before acting as Head of Corporate Real Estate at the BBC. He is a portfolio professional who is a founder of Six Ideas, a Non-Executive Director and a special advisor on 21st Century Workspaces and Workplaces. Chris combines this role with his Non-Executive Director activities which currently include Elstree Film Studios; having previously served on the boards of NHS Property Services, Reach2 Academy and Network Homes. One of his focus areas is smart place making based on his experiences of helping the BBC move from analogue to digital. As CEO of BBC Commercial Projects his achievements include: the reshaping of the BBC’s White City campus including the sale of BBC Television Centre, a 1m sq ft complex for £200m. Prior to that as Head of CRE at the BBC he masterminded the relocation strategy, culminating in the creation of Media City UK in Salford, as part of a major regeneration concept, which involved opening 2,500 BBC jobs in Salford. He was also responsible for the £1bn redevelopment of Broadcasting House in London.