March 13, 2014 – SMB Nation’s Harry Brelsford & Increased Productivity w Brad Farris

March 13, 2014 – SMB Nation’s Harry Brelsford & Increased Productivity w Brad Farris

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Harry Brelsford – CEO of SMB Nation – Highlight Here

Harry Brelsford is the CEO of SMB Nation which is a professional tech community of 40,000 members. His focus is helping to implement technology solutions for business customers. To that end, he just served on Microsoft committees to help manage the end of XP support, something he talks extensively about on the show. Harry was written seventeen books on business technology topics, has taught for twelve years in the University system and served as the Dean of the Graduate School of Technology at Aspen University. Harry is a fitness junky, enjoying biking, power walking, and XC skiing, and says his two boys are amazing!

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Brad Farris – Executive Editor & Publisher EnMast  – Highlight Here

Brad Farris has just released a book on productivity, something every entrepreneur needs to focus on. Breaking Down Your Business: How to take over the world without losing your mind has great tips to help you make better use of your time. Brad and host Jim take turns sharing tips to help you. Brad runs Anchor Advisors,  a team working with owners of growth enterprises in the Chicago area. More importantly, Brad talks about his work at EnMast, an entrepreneurial toolkit platform.With tons of small business templates, documents and  processes, those resources are a huge help for any business builder!   find_me_on_google+

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