February 16, 2015 – Hardcore Closer Ryan Stewman & Social Guru Rick Cooper

February 16, 2015 – Hardcore Closer Ryan Stewman & Social Guru Rick Cooper

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Ryan Stewman – President/Founder at Clyxo.com and a Hardcore Closer

Do you struggle to memorize the profile names of your friends, family, celebrities and new business connections? All of us do! In the age where no one memorizes phone numbers, we shouldn’t have to memorize the social handles for everyone you know and meet. Clyxo solves this problem. Use Clyxo to search for the active social media profiles of your favorite celebrity, news source, friend, family member and everyone else. No more relying on multiple searches to connect with the profiles of the people you want to connect with. One search on Clyxo will reveal ALL of the active sites the person has profiles on, as well as provide 1 click connect solution to growing your network. Clyxo’s icon can replace other social media icons. No more need to have 10 social media icons taking up space on your website, business card, print ads or anywhere else. One icon connects them all. Clyxo is free for everyone and super easy and convenient to use. Profiles take less than 90 seconds to set up in most cases. Create your account, connect your profiles and share with others how easy it is to find you on Clyxo.
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Rick Cooper – Social Media Trainer and Founder of Social Media Outcomes

Rick is an Author, Speaker, and Coach. He is author of Seize your Opportunities, Marketing Magic, and Extreme Excellence. Rick works with small business owners who want to generate more leads online and increase sales on the internet.He specializes in working with Coaches, Speakers, and Experts. He helps them leverage their expertise to attract clients online. He has provided marketing consulting and support to some of the top speakers in the world. Rick is a National Speaker on Online Marketing. He was featured in Comstocks magazine and has been interviewed by The National Networker, AllBusiness.com and the East Bay Times Business Journal. Rick started using social media back in 2003 and learned to leverage it to grow his own business. He has delivered social media training for several years. His content rich training programs deliver high value strategies focused on helping business owners increase their presence online, generate leads and increase profits.
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