November 11, 2015 – Silicon Valley Update w Guy Smith & MEMBR’s Steve Berger

November 11, 2015 – Silicon Valley Update w Guy Smith & MEMBR’s Steve Berger

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Guy Smith – Chief Marketing Strategy Consultant at Silicon Strategies Marketing and Author of the “Start-up CEO’s Marketing Manual”

Guy Smith is Silicon Strategies Marketing’s chief strategist. Guy has earned the trust of many CEOs, founders and marketing VPs in companies around the globe. Guy has led marketing organizations and helped executives build consensus within their teams. His clients range from startups for multinational enterprises. Having led, managed and grown his own marketing departments, Guy understands the need for building consensus and establishing organizational alignment. Guy helps executives build teams ready to implement go-to-market strategies by including key staff and stakeholders throughout all processes. This creates deep confidence in the plan, the team’s ability to execute, and the executives who will lead them. Combined, these factors help accelerate a company’s growth and market dominance. He helps B2B companies grow beyond their current plateau, is the author of the “Start-up CEO’s Marketing Manual,” and is the founder and Chief Strategy Consultant at Silicon Strategies Marketing.
Guy SmithGuy Smith

Steve Berger – Managing Director of Membr

Steven Berger is a business development executive who has been involved in growing and managing new or “new to market” companies. After assisting in the launch of Red Bull and Virgin into the Canadian marketplace, Steve joined CSI Software and then Constellation Software. He led 5 small/mid-sized software companies with offices in London, Oxford, Johannesburg and Belfast. Steven possesses an international outlook and an excellent understanding of different markets and cultures, which helped him lead the successful acquisition of two of his main competitors in 2011 and 2012. Today, he is leading the U.S. expansion of Membr.  It is cool new app designed to help trainers and gyms keep their clients engaged in their workout programs.
Steve BergerSteve Berger

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