July 17, 2020 – GroWrk Remote Carlos Escutia, Real Estate Preacher Dr. Brian Simon and PETA’s Laura Shields

July 17, 2020 – GroWrk Remote Carlos Escutia, Real Estate Preacher Dr. Brian Simon and PETA’s Laura Shields

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Carlos Escutia – Co-Founder and CEO of GroWrk Remote

Founders in our network were starting companies that were being
built remote first. We started figuring out what type of solution
we could build for that. Covid is what put us on the map. What
 were thinking would have in 5 years really accelerated
into the last four months. 

Carlos Escutia, Founder and CEO of GroWrk Remote, has been thinking about the benefits and challenges of remote work long before it was the norm. GroWrk Remote productizes remote working with a flexible, affordable and environmentally responsible solution that brings optimal workspaces and services into the homes of distributed team. Growrk has built a deep and diverse network, including under-represented founders and L.A. University alumni. Prior to GroWrk, Carlos was the co-founder of CasaOne, an Accel-backed furniture rental tech company which has raised 80 million usd in funding. Originally from Mexico, Carlos has become an active advocate for diversity with his peer entrepreneurs and is passionate about inclusion in the workplace.

Dr. Brian P. Simon – Founder/Principal Broker at Fit Realty and Author of The Real Estate Journey

‘Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be broken.’ No matter
how you have to fight for your comeback, you can always
make a comeback! 

Dr. Brian P. Simon is a serial entrepreneur, specializing in real estate marketing, advertising, land acquisition, new construction, and mortgage advisory. Brian believes that homeownership is one of the keys to building personal wealth, and so he set out to create an agency filled with agents who would help people achieve their dreams. Brian Simon is the Founder of Leader’s Title, a full-service title branding studio; Simon Studios, a real estate firm; Fit Realty, a digital resource for buying and selling in Hampton area; and a home-building company, Custom Homes of Virginia. Dr. Simon is an avid entrepreneur who credits his many accomplishments to surrounding himself with like-minded, driven individuals. Dr. Simon now helps others embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and shows them how to be successful at whatever passion they pursue. He is also the author of a new book, The Real Estate Journey: From Dreaming and Home Buying to Realty and Entrepreneurship, filled with relatable stories, complex concepts broken down into bite-sized pieces, and an overall optimistic tone.

Laura Shields – Manager of Corporate Responsibility at PETA

We found that workers violent hit and kicked the alpaca, tied
them down, roughly sheared them, and left them with gapping,
bloody wounds.

Laura Shields is a corporate liaison in People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ (PETA) Corporate Affairs Department. In her current role, she leads strategic projects, manages Corporate Responsibility Department staff members, and represents PETA’s corporate campaigns to the media and the general public. She attempts to work collaboratively behind-the-scenes with major companies to find common ground and seek animal welfare improvements in practices and policies. She negotiates with companies to move away from the cruel animal-skin industries and to instead source and/or develop innovative, vegan materials. Laura follows the field of biofabrication closely and serves as a bridge between innovative materials and the designers and brands that may integrate them into their collections.