November 16, 2020 – Didn’t Learn Bea Wray and Go Play Deryck Richardson

November 16, 2020 – Didn’t Learn Bea Wray and Go Play Deryck Richardson

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Bea Wray – Co-Founder of the The Millennial Women Network

Drill down and give yourself a goal and break it down
into bit size pieces to focus. 

Bea Wray is an entrepreneur, investor, author, and mentor who has helped over three hundred companies across twenty-six countries. At age 27, she had the title CEO of a $5M Silicon Valley company. In 2018, Bea co-founded The Millennial Women Network; a group for sharing stories about Outstanding Millennial Women to motivate each other on the journey to a meaningful life. Previously, Bea was chair for the ForbesBooks Entrepreneurship Practice Group and Executive Director of The Creative Coast. She is a frequent keynote speaker on entrepreneurship and business growth, and contributes to various publications. Bea is the author of the forthcoming book, What an MBA Taught Me…: But My Kids Made Me Learn, where she takes the readers on a harrowing, yet hilarious journey through Harvard Business School, twenty years of business experience, and the most important academy of all: parenting.

Deryck Richardson – President and CEO of Richardson Marketing Group

This afternoon, with a phone in your hand, I can show you how
to start a lead generating business, costing you zero dollars. 

Deryck Richardson is the President and CEO of Richardson Marketing Group (RMG), LLC; a marketing firm specifically designed to increase customer acquisition efforts of insurance agents. Deryck is also a partner in an insurance agency and is the acting COO of Freedom Direct, LLC. A one-time school teacher, Deryck has always been committed to developing people, whether it be kids he coached during his more than 20-year coaching career, young professionals he’s managed and trained, or kids he’s mentored in and out of the classroom. Employees at his companies enjoy excellent pay, a full benefits package, ping-pong, foosball, video game nooks, and a relaxed dress code. Today, RMG is one of the fastest growing companies in Central Ohio according to Columbus Business First Magazine, and 2019’s #1 Best Place to Work in Columbus, Ohio. In his self-development book, Go Play: The Ultimate Road Map to Winning the Game of Life, Deryck demonstrates that for the most part, life is a “Pick Your Own Adventure.”