March 23, 2021 – Gin for Bitcoin Adam von Gootkin, NewCastle Finance founder Kathy Svetina and Student Speaker Hasen Alkoraishi

March 23, 2021 – Gin for Bitcoin Adam von Gootkin, NewCastle Finance founder Kathy Svetina and Student Speaker Hasen Alkoraishi

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Adam von Gootkin – Co-Founder & CEO at Highclere Castle Spirits 

With a great team, the CEO’s job is to guide strategy, to keep the culture right, to keep everybody motivated, to stay on top of the core details and help execute on a daily basis. 

Adam von Gootkin is the Co-founder of the Onyx Spirits Company and Highclere Castle Spirits. Adam is a passionate moonshine and whiskey-loving entrepreneur who is dedicated to helping other entrepreneurs reach their dreams and boldly take part in changing the world for the better. He flunked out of college after only one semester and decided to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure that has encompassed eCommerce, muscle cars, and the music industry. Adam’s pedigree in the spirits industry dates back to his family’s distillery in the 1800s, while his lineage as a risk-taker can be traced directly to his great grandfather’s Prohibition-era speakeasy on the Connecticut River. Over a century later, Adam has more than a decade in the spirits industry and brought his family’s legacy into the next generation by co-founding Onyx Spirits Co., an award-winning craft distillery offering America’s first ultra-premium moonshine and New England’s first whiskey. In 2015, his nationally released book Living Proof: Onyx Moonshine’s Journey to Revive the American Spirit, chronicled his unique approach to traditional business principles. In 2017, Adam co-founded the Highclere Castle Cigars Company and Highclere Castle Spirits, partnering with the 8th Earl of Carnarvon and world-renowned cigar blender, Nicholas Melillo of Foundation Cigar Company.

Kathy Svetina – Founder and Fractional CFO of NewCastle Finance

My goal is to help more women become the CEOs of their companies! 

Kathy Svetina is the founder of NewCastle Finance, a company offering Fractional CFO services to women-owned small businesses. For nearly 14 years, she did senior-level financial planning and analysis for Fortune 500 companies. She saw firsthand how big companies use financial information to drive their companies forward. She started NewCastle Finance because she wanted to offer that same powerful financial insight to women-owned businesses. Now, she helps business owners as a “financial puzzle solver” to get clear on their numbers and their financial strategy so they feel confident to make good decisions that will result in a thriving business.

Hasen Alkoraishi – Speaker & Founder of Supply Chain Relief  

I saw that farmers were dumping crops. One farmer dumped 700
tons of 
potatoes. I called him and he explained that restaurants
and schools shut down, farmers lost the markets. At the same
time, food banks were being overrun and running out of food! I built
a site to connect a supplier to a buyer. 

Hasen Alkoraishi, 17, is a high school student at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley in San Jose, California. He founded Supply Chain Relief as a COVID-19 clearinghouse that allows buyers to locate suppliers during a disaster. Through the website, buyers and suppliers can easily find and connect with each other. The site is active, updated regularly, and in a short time, has made some connections! Hasen did an excellent Tedx Talk on how it works. He is interested in pursuing oncology as a career and actively involved with professors and cancer researchers, and started the Oncology Club at his school.