March 4, 2019 – Franchise Pillars Christy Wilson Delk, Getting Into Sephora Aggie Burnett and Finding a Coach Melinda J. Kelly

March 4, 2019 – Franchise Pillars Christy Wilson Delk, Getting Into Sephora Aggie Burnett and Finding a Coach Melinda J. Kelly

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Christy Wilson Delk – Speaker, Educator and Author of Adventures in Franchise Ownership

Franchises are a great path for expediency,
success and the ease of getting into a business. 

Christy Wilson Delk’s corporate sales background led her to the most financially rewarding experience of her career to date. In 1997, Christy sold her house, cashed out her 401K and borrowed well over a million dollars to build and run one of the largest, most successful private early child development centers in the country. In 2012, she sold her business and ‘exited’ very well. Now, she speaks, writes and conducts workshops to help franchisees and multi-unit business managers use Strategic Method Management practices to achieve their revenue and profit goals. Christy’s focus is always on energizing and motivating audience members through shared stories and specific techniques that she developed and incorporated as a franchisee. Today, she still ‘walks the talk’ as Chief Strategy Officer for SkyviewHD and is always looking for new ways to help others Accelerate Their Success.

Aggie Burnett – PR, Marketing strategist of AB Creative NYC

Follow up is the name of the game. No matter who you are
pitching, follow up, follow up, FOLLOW UP!

Aggie Burnett has nearly 10 years of experience in the lifestyle industry with a 360 degree viewpoint spanning editorial, publicity, marketing, event planning, sales and product development. After starting at Glamour Magazine, Aggie parlayed her experience into founding a niche fragrance brand, Nomaterra Fragrances, and Nude House, a women-focused, beauty and fashion pop-up in Soho. At Nomaterra, she spearheaded PR, marketing and sales efforts, getting the brand featured in every major magazine such as Elle and Entrepreneur, sites such as Byrdie and Refinery29, and creating a tribe of over 60 influencers. She also placed the brand in all 320 Sephora stores, within 2 years of the company’s launch. In recent years, she has worked as a PR and marketing strategist for up-and-coming brands like Mun Skin, Sahajan, Kahina Giving Beauty, Mented Cosmetics, Bashed, and Fempower Beauty.

Melinda J. Kelly –  Speaker and Author of Finding your Coach: Diving Deep Within

Success is getting what you want, but happiness is wanting what you get.

Melinda J. Kelly is the author of Finding your Coach: Diving Deep Within. As vice president of a privately held publishing and business counseling firm, she thought the road of life was wide open and she would easily coast into her later years. With a professional life secured, personal time was happily spent serving on non-profit boards, serving on committees, mentoring college women, traveling the world and sharing her professional and personal skills with friends as they started up their own businesses. The effortless ride to retirement was not to be the case. Encountering her own crisis of direction led her to a personal journey of questions. Finding Your Coach: Diving Deep Within is her result of that personal journey. On this new quest, with the tables turned, the discovery and genuine affection for questions began to take hold of her thought process.