March 18, 2021 – What’s Your Next? Dr. David Phelps and 30 Year Flipper Bruce Glenn

March 18, 2021 – What’s Your Next? Dr. David Phelps and 30 Year Flipper Bruce Glenn

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Dr. David Phelps – CEO of Freedom Founders

Through the tough times we find new doors that
will open, but we have to be open to them. 

Dr. David Phelps owned and managed a private dental practice for over twenty-one years. While still in dental school, he began his investment in real estate by joint-venturing with his father on their first rental property. Three years later, they sold the property and David took his $25,000 capital gain share and leveraged it into thirty-one properties that produced $15,000 monthly net cash flow. Multiple health crises suffered by his daughter, Jenna (leukemia, epilepsy and a liver transplant at age 12) caused David to create the freedom to leave practice and make time for what mattered most. Today, David is a nationally recognized speaker on creating freedom, building real businesses and investing in real estate. He authors a monthly newsletter, “Path to Freedom” and hosts “The Dentist Freedom Blueprint” podcast. He is also the CEO of Freedom Founders, through which he provides hundreds of professional practice owners a blueprint to create Freedom in their own lives. For David Phelps, that new path meant capitalizing on a portfolio of income-producing real estate properties that he had been building from his college years when his father invested in an apartment house, which David managed with sweat-equity, and they split the profits upon his graduation. He had parlayed it into 31 cash-flow producing rentals. That income from his properties was just enough to give him breathing space to sell his practice and decide: WHAT’S NEXT?

Bruce Glenn – Owner at Flippin Bruce

I haven’t bought a house on Multiple Listing Service in a couple
of years. Its too competitive, so you have to go to alternative
ways like driving for dollars.

Bruce have extensive experience in appraising, buying, renovating, and selling houses in multiple markets. He is still active in local real estate market and have found a new passion after helping several local investors grow from newbie to experienced investors. Recently published a #1 best seller called First Flip: 30 Years of Secrets So Your First Flip Won’t Be a Flop. Along with this milestone, Bruce launched, a real estate educational site that teaches everything he knows about flipping houses. Flippin Bruce is the educational side of flipping houses. After over 30 years of flipping houses part time, Bruce has decided to share his knowledge with all of us. Over the last several years he has spoken at a number of real estate events along with teaching several house flipping classes.