February 18, 2020 – Festival Pass Ed Vincent and Fail.Coach Miha Matlievski

February 18, 2020 – Festival Pass Ed Vincent and Fail.Coach Miha Matlievski

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Ed Vincent – Founder and CEO of Festival Pass

Live events are a $200 billion industry. In North America, the
movie space is only a $12 billion industry. Live events on a global scale is
10 to 20 times bigger than films. 

Ed Vincent is founder and CEO of Festival Pass, a flat rate, monthly subscription service that allows members unlimited access to festivals. Ed has seven employees, and is projecting 40M in revenue for 2020. He also has a long history as a data entrepreneur, including some time spent as the head of data for Movie Pass. He has over twenty years of business, technology, and management experience having founded and exited several companies in that time including helping to launch film festivals in multiple locations and creating the concept for a Maxim branded hotel in the Carribean. Most recently, he led a data platform and consultancy in the entertainment space with clients including A&E Networks, AMC Networks, Screenvision, MovieTickets.com.

Miha Matlievski – The Fail Coach

When failure is not a bad thing, it is a growing, learning opportunity.
When you fail, you eliminate something that is not working! 

In 2009, Miha Matlievski had four companies go bankrupt overnight, landing him $5 million in debt. Contemplating suicide to escape the pain as Miha looked over the balcony, he had a life-saving moment. He realized that failure was a normal part of life and that admitting to himself that he failed and to recognize he needed to stop blaming others and circumstances. He made a choice to learn from his failures so he could do things differently in the future and to help others. Since then, he has climbed back to create a business and scaling it to 8 figures in less than a year. His life mission is to help people develop a healthy relationship with failure, especially entrepreneurs.