February 17, 2020 – Preacher to Entrepreneur Brian Simon, Agile Michael K. Levine and 20k Give-Away! Andrew Frazier

February 17, 2020 – Preacher to Entrepreneur Brian Simon, Agile Michael K. Levine and 20k Give-Away! Andrew Frazier

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Dr. Brian P. Simon – Preacher-turned Real Estate Entrepreneur and Author of The Real Estate Journey: From Dreaming and Home Buying to Realty and Entrepreneurship  

I had better be ready to say, ‘How to do I succeed in what other
people consider a bad market?’ There is part of that market
that is still money making.

Dr. Brian P Simon is a successful real estate investor and business owner who loves working as a mentor. He knows that people need his knowledge in order to avoid costly failures and to reach their freedom goals. Teaching has been a passionate part of his life for over 15 years and it shows in his latest book, ‘The Real Estate Journey.’ It offers relatable stories and complex concepts broken down into bite-size pieces – all wrapped with an optimistic tone. He obtained his doctoral degree from Regent University and is the founder of several successful real estate-related companies, primarily Fit Realty. He specializes in land acquisition, new construction, and real estate marketing.

Michael Levine – Agility Expert and Author of People Over Process: Leadership for Agility

If you teach your people to use a simple one page, problem tracking
tool , it can
gain you rigor efficiency and alignment,
and do it routinely. 

Michael K. Levine is an expert on lean and agile software development and information technology He conducted international trade negotiation at the US Commerce Department, was a corporate banker for First Bank System, and became divisional CIO at Norwest Bank. After a stint at Wells Fargo he joined US Bank to deploy a new branch banking system (bringing lean and agile to a highly structured waterfall environment), then became technology lead for US Bank Home Mortgage. He now leads all consumer lending and business banking technology. His previous books are Tale of Two Systems: Lean and Agile Software Development for Business Leaders, and Tale of Two Transformations: Bringing Lean and Agile Software Development to Life.

Andrew Frazier – Giving Away $20,000 as President & COO of AJ-Mgmt.com, Small Business Pro and Author of Running Your Small Business Like a Pro

The Small Business Pro Growth Challenge is a competition to see
who their revenue the most, but its includes resources, information,
connections, that can help you grow. 

Andrew Frazier is a trusted adviser helping entrepreneurs, business owners, and organizational leaders grow revenues, increase profitability, and obtain financing. He has significant expertise in business strategy and financial management, allowing him to take a holistic view of organizations to best determine how to address their challenges. His experience includes serving as a Navy Supply Corps Officer, Corporate Executive, Non-Profit Leader, Board Member, Adjunct Professor, Real Estate Investor, and as an Entrepreneur.  Andrew graduated from MIT, qualified in logistics management for the Navy, earned an MBA from NYU-Stern, and achieved the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. Thus far, he has helped 250+ entrepreneurs and small business owners sell more, make more, and obtain more financing than they otherwise would have.