September 2, 2016 – Mental Power w Dr. Mitchell Mays, Female Entre. Data from Bank of America & Be Happy w Jenny Maher

September 2, 2016 – Mental Power w Dr. Mitchell Mays, Female Entre. Data from Bank of America & Be Happy w Jenny Maher

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Dr. Mitchell Mays – Author of The Mind Gate Process Of Empowerment: Experience the Awesome Power of Your Subconscious Mind 

Dr. Mitchell Mays is a bestselling author, speaker and Doctor specializing in adrenal fatigue and PTSD. Many Americans are living with fear and anxiety. We are living in fear of the unknown, being scared by presidential candidates and tearing each other apart on social media for their views. The question: “Is fear driving your vote? How do we preserve our mental health despite the 2016 election?” In, Mind Gate: Demolish Fear, Overcome Anxiety and Create the Life You Want, Dr. Mays shows us how to remove fear and anxiety so we can make the best decisions and get on with the rest of our life. Mind Gate is about recognizing how our brain escapes into fear when it becomes overloaded which undermines our health, our happiness and our ability to lead a fulfilled life. As a result, we often navigate in a state that doesn’t allow us to think clearly.
Dr. Mitchell MaysDr. Mitchell Mays

Sharon Miller – Head of Small Business at Bank of America

Sharon Miller is the Head of Small Business at Bank of America. Her team is responsible for delivering business and personal financial solutions to the company’s 3 million small business owners and entrepreneurs. Miller’s team of more than 2,000 associates delivers advice and guidance on cash management, business financing, home lending, investments and retirement. Prior to this role, Miller was Central Division Executive for Financial Center Sales and Merrill Edge® at Bank of America. In this role, she led financial center teams working in nearly 900 locations across 11 states, providing a full range of financial products, services and expertise to over 8 million Bank of America households. Miller joined Bank of America in 1996. She started her career as a Financial Advisor in Houston, Texas. She has held various leadership positions in the company, including National Sales Executive for Preferred Banking and Merrill Edge®, Complex Director for Merrill Lynch in Texas, Regional Executive for the Premier Banking and Investment business, and Market Executive for Nevada. Miller has been actively involved in the Bank of America community throughout her career.  She has been an active member of Bank of America’s Diversity Council, has served on Merrill Lynch’s Director Advisory Council to Management and has held numerous market leadership roles across the country. Miller has held leadership positions in United Way, March of Dimes and Communities in Schools.
Bank of AmericaBank of America

Jenny Maher – Author of Never Give Up: How Determination And God Gave Me A Better Look at Life

Jenny Maher was forced to deal with multiple life threatening experiences.  But her determination to fight after becoming physically, emotionally, and spiritually paralyzed will touch anyone’s heart and encourage them to not give up. As the author of the inspirational memoir, Never Give Up, Jenny not only shares the struggles she endured growing up with abuse and neglect at home and in foster homes, but with mental illnessDiagnosed with Bipolar Depression and BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) to name a few, Jenny cut to ease the emotional pain. At 21, she was shot in the mouth with a .45 by a police officer after calling 911 for support.  Jenny spent 6 months in jail, charged with attempted murder and assault. At 34, she felt so alone after her mom disowned her that she tried taking her own life by over-dosing, only to wake up in the ER 3 days later paralyzed from the neck down. Jenny’s goals no matter what her therapists told her was to push herself in a manual chair and live independently. Having no family or friends for support she was forced to live in a VA nursing home where she dealt with abuse and neglect that led to life threatening infections. Through her own perseverance she risked her life to start over, flying alone with only two backpacks to a specialized VA in Memphis.  There she not only became stronger, physically and mentally to live independently, but spiritually. Jenny was able to find strength in Faith.  

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