April 8, 2020 – Serial Entrepreneur Ratna Singh and Leadership Coach John Futterknecht

April 8, 2020 – Serial Entrepreneur Ratna Singh and Leadership Coach John Futterknecht

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Ratna Singh – Founder and CEO of CAR.O.L

If you really believe in your idea, and believe this is your life’s
purpose, you don’t give up and keep going. You build an incredibly strong thick skin and keep going. 

Ratna Singh, founder and CEO of CAR.O.L;  the first interactive exercise bike powered by artificial intelligence, is a serial entrepreneur who loves creating something out of nothing that is of value to people in that it solves a problem and/or increases their happiness. Prior to founding CAR.O.L, Ratna successfully sold her first startup to Safeway US, served as the first Entrepreneur-in-Residence at McKinsey & Company and co-founded health consultancy firm IHP, which later sold to PwC. She was also a Global Brand Strategist at FCB’s US HQ in Chicago where she served Kimberley Clark and Kraft Foods. She was Advertising Exec at BMP DDB Needham (UK), serving Unilever, Alliance & Leicester, UK Health Education Authority (AIDS) and Amnesty International.

John Futterknecht – President and Co-Founder Optimum Associates and Co-Author of Customer Tells 

Matrix organizational structures are trying to achieve what startups have inherently, agility and a mindset that everyone is a stakeholder. 

John Futterknecht, Co-Founder of Optimum Associates; a global leadership development and training company, is an experienced Executive Coach who has successfully completed over 500 one-on-one coaching engagements and facilitated over 1,000 training programs across the globe. He has worked with leaders at some of the world’s largest companies, including many Fortune 500 organizations, and specializes in helping organizations and their leaders excel in complex, highly integrated Matrix structures. In addition to coaching and training, John’s work includes guest lectures at Columbia University in New York, Florida International University, the Brookings Institute, and others. John is the co-author of Customer Tells which focuses on how to deliver exceptional customer service. Alongside his long-time mentor and business partner, he has also co-authored their new book, Leading in the Global Matrix: Proven Skills and Strategies to Succeed in a Collaborative World.