May 21, 2015 – Venture Capitalist Eva Ho & Results Map Kimberly Alexander

May 21, 2015 – Venture Capitalist Eva Ho & Results Map Kimberly Alexander

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Eva Ho – General Partner at Susa Ventures

Eva Ho is a serial entrepreneur and founder, and now a venture capitalist. Eva was a founding executive at Factual, a leading location data provider in Los Angeles. She was the head of marketing for Applied Semantics, a company that sold to Google in 2003, and then was a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Google and Youtube for 5 years. Eva also co-founded Navigating Cancer, a health startup, in 2008 which is now based in Seattle. She is deeply involved in supporting entrepreneurs in her role as advisor and mentor at WebFWD, MuckerLab, Common Crawl, and newMe Accelerator. Eva is active in the non-profit sector, serving on the boards of First Descents, Iridescent and Whole Child LA. As the co-chair at Iridescent, she focuses on building STEM literacy and capacity for the underserved K-12 population. Eva holds an MBA from Cornell and a BA from Harvard.

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Kimberly Alexander – Transformational Speaker, Mentor & Author of The Results Map: Business and Life Strategies to Get What You Want

Kimberly Alexander has over 20 years experience as a career Corporate Executive, but gave it up to launch her business as a transformational speaker and mentor for women.  An expert in personal development, leadership and training, Kimberly has worked strategically with entrepreneurs and companies to identify opportunities and development for further growth. Her first book, “The Results Map,” an Amazon Best-Seller, will drive action and increase results in any business. Complete with tools, principles and exercises that can be adopted for life, “The Results Map” provides simple yet powerful strategies.  Written based on successful tactics Kimberly developed to lead teams to success and top ranked levels within an organization, this refreshing book will take the guess work out of how to build a successful business. She won the Leadership In Motion Award in 2013.

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